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Where Do I Farm Cow Hide in Witcher 3?

How do you farm a cow in Witcher 3? Here are some tips to help you out. You can use them to make money, but you should note that they never stop reappearing. You need to travel to sell them because not all shopkeepers can buy all your stock. Check the map to find out where to sell your stock. Alternatively, you can farm them and use them to buy supplies from shops.

Grazing fields

If you have not been able to sell your Maribor Swords, you can use a simple cheat: you can farm cowhide in Grazing fields and sell them for a good price in White Orchard. The only catch is that not all shopkeepers will purchase all of your cowhide. In that case, you must travel to the other towns in the area to sell the cowhide.


In The Witcher 3, you can sell your cowhide for gold. This is a legitimate way to make money, and it also increases the amount of carrying you can do with your horse. To sell cowhide, you should visit the White Orchard or Martin Feuille’s Farmstead. In both places, cows drop Raw Meat, Cow Milk, and sometimes even Cow Hide. Some corpses are not lootable, but others are. Selling cowhide can earn you 42 crowns if you’re able to find them. Innkeepers are the best buyers of cowhide since they offer the highest prices. Also, some immortal cows are always present with buckets and shelters, serving as decoration.


While there are many ways to earn money in The Witcher 3, a legitimate method of earning cash is by farming cowhides. If you’re a fast traveler, cowhides are a great way to get additional carry capacity. You can also use cowhides to buy saddlebags for Roach and expand the number of items that she can carry. And because saving progress is so important in The Witcher 3, it’s essential to know where to farm cowhide. Autosave often is a must in this game; dying will reset your character to their last save point.


There used to be a very easy way to farm cow hides in The Witcher 3, but this exploit was patched by CDPR. Instead, you should now have to use a secret boss to earn money from cow hides. You can still make a profit from cow hides, but if you’re a Blacksmith, you’ll be able to sell them for much more money than you can make from cows.

Wizard’s contracts

If you’re looking for a legit way to earn money in The Witcher 3, you can sell cowhides. You can also earn cash by fast traveling. Purchasing saddlebags for your Roach will increase your carry capacity. Another tip for making money with cow hides is to autosave frequently. When you die in The Witcher 3, you’ll be reset to your last save point.

images of roos with cowhide rugs

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