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Where Do I Buy Hair on Cow Hide?

If you’re looking for a cowhide that is naturally beautiful to touch, you can find it from a variety of sources. You can purchase this beautiful material from ArtisanCowhides.com, Cowhides Direct, Hudson Hides, or from a cow that has been tanned and oiled. There are also many different kinds of cowhide, including calf hide and pig skin.

Cowhides Direct

If you’ve ever wondered where to buy hair on cowhide, you’ve come to the right place. There are a variety of reasons why you should invest in this material. Not only is it incredibly attractive, but cowhide is also highly durable, allowing you to use it for furniture or to make stylish rugs. There are many different natural patterns and colors that are available for cowhide. Holstein and Hereford’s cows have large black and white spots. Longhorns have random speckled patterns. Brindle is an exotic intertwined pattern. Other color patterns include brown and white, tri-colored, mahogany, and black with white highlights.


If you are looking for a beautiful, unique way to wear cowhide leather, look no further than ArtisanCowhides. Each piece is handcrafted and ethically sourced from cows living in rural areas of India. While the hair on the cows is usually shorter than that on other types of cowhide, they are still crafted with artisan skill and painstaking care. These cowhide pillows not only make a stylish statement but also help sustain the livelihood of the people living in these rural villages. And if you would like a custom color or size, you can have it customized.

Hudson Hides

If you’re considering purchasing a cowhide rug for your home, you may be wondering where to buy hair on cowhide. While the price of a cowhide rug may seem reasonable, you should keep in mind that they are not all created equal. To get the hair to lay flat, a cowhide rug requires skill and special training. The cheaper “B stock” rugs will often have cut hair, extra brands, and other imperfections. Grade A rugs will cost you more than “B stock” rugs. The quality and grade of cowhide rugs will be reflected in their prices.


If you are looking to buy hair on cowhide, you can choose from a variety of different cowhide types. The hair on the hides of cows is naturally patterned and comes in a wide variety of colors and lengths. Holstein and Hereford’s hides have black and white spots, while Longhorns have random speckled patterns. For those who like something a little more exotic, there is brindle, an intertwined stripe pattern. Another choice is brown and white, with various shades of brown and black. Finally, mahogany is a deep brown with touches of black.


There are many reasons to purchase goatskin leather. This kind of leather is incredibly flexible and comfortable to wear. Goat leather is also tougher than sheep or cowhide and can withstand considerable stress when stitched. Its pebble-like texture makes it a perfect material for small leather items. It is also a highly durable leather, and its look improves over time. Here are a few reasons why you should choose goat leather for your next leather product.

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