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Where Can You Get a Cowhide Tan?

If you are looking for a cowhide to tan, it is essential that it be completely free of flesh before being taken to a tannery. Waiting for hours can make the entire process more difficult. The tanning solution should be followed to the letter, and 15 lbs of salt are used to cure the hide. The cowhide should be nailed to wood to avoid it from flaking off during the tanning process.

Getting a cowhide tanned

Getting a cowhide tan isn’t as difficult as it might sound. There are several benefits to tannable cowhide, and it will give your hide a rich, supple finish. A tan will also enhance your hide’s pattern matching and softness. However, you must be patient and pay attention to the steps involved. To avoid making your hide look unnatural, you can buy a commercial tanner.

Before getting a cowhide tanned, you’ll need to prepare it. Getting a hide fleshed is important because a cowhide will remain soft and flexible during the tanning process. To prepare the hide for tanning, you’ll need to flesh it, which is the process of removing excess fat, muscle, and flesh. It’s important that you follow this step carefully or your finished cowhide may be damaged.

Types of tanning

There are several types of tanning for cowhide. Each type involves a different process. Dry salted hides can be stored for a while in a cool corner, but wet skins need to be sealed tightly to prevent bacteria from growing on them. The process can take several days or a week, depending on climate conditions. Once the skins are tanned, they are ready to be dyed or used for manufacturing goods.

Chromium tanning is the oldest process for cowhide and involves several stages. Chromium tanning alters the protein structure of the cowhide, which keeps it soft and resistant to decomposition. In addition, the process permanently seals the hairs to the skin. Chromium tanning uses chemicals that bond to proteins to change their structure. These chemicals can last decades or even be removed from the hide if it doesn’t look great.


The cost of getting cowhide tanned varies from one area to another. Some hides can be as much as $200 a foot. The process of tanning a hide is complicated and requires specific supplies. In general, the hides are soaked in one gallon of water, a small amount of salt, citric acid, and pH test strips. This step is required before managing.

Bovine hides are gotten from cattle when they die. The hides are then processed to create soft, high-quality leather. While some hides are expensive, others are not. The most common hides are from northern European countries like Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Norway. The hides are then sent to tanneries where they undergo a tannery process. The tanning process takes a few weeks.

Time frame

There are many steps in the process of getting a cowhide tanned. The first step is to scrape off any remaining flesh. The hide must be kept away from heat and direct sunlight for two weeks to fully cure. Then it must be rinsed with clean water and dried. You can replace lost oils in the cowhide with saddle soap or mink oil. Then you should work it into the hide until it is soft and pliable.

After you have obtained your hide, you should make sure that it has been fleshed out. This step is important because the hide can easily become rotten if it is not properly fleshed. Once you have the hide ready, you should wash it thoroughly and remove any visible hair or fats. Do not allow the hide to sit in the solution for too long. If it remains damp for too long, it will become a breeding ground for bacteria and cause the hair to slip.

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