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Where Can You Find Great Rugs in Denver?

If you love ethnic motifs and are looking for a rug that is truly unique, look no further than a tribal area rug. These rugs can fit any home design and can transform your home into a work of timeless beauty. They will surely leave your guests talking about your rug long after they say goodnight! Here are some great places to find rugs in your area. Continue reading to learn about some of the most beautiful tribal rugs.


There are a number of differences between the Kazak and Gendje tribal rugs. Although both are made of wool, they differ in how they are woven. The Gender rug is made with wool wefts, which give it a more luxurious appearance. Because of their wool composition, Gendje tribal rugs are more durable than Kazak rugs. They can be dated to around 1880.

Typically, Gender rugs are bold and colorful, employing primary colors to create a unified design. They typically feature a blue or brown ground with multi-colored “flowers” and “snowflakes” in the design. This type of rug is made from natural wool. The dark brown color is a result of a woven process that does not include dyeing. However, the low quality of Gendje rugs should not be mistaken for cheap or flimsy.


There are a few reasons why you should purchase a Daghestan tribal rug. The region is located in the northeastern part of the Caucasus and is home to several different tribes and cultures. Most are Muslim, and they are all unique in their own ways. The rug-making process in this region is very unique. Many of the rugs made in the Daghestan region have a high luster, and they are quite rare.

A typical Daghestan tribal rug consists of two large figures separated by a single striped border. Most often, the figures are geometric or mystical, but there is also a traditional order to the flowers. In addition to the cross, this rug is also usually adorned with crab garlands, a fishbone motif, or both. There are also a few longer rugs in this area with small human and animal figures.


If you’re interested in purchasing an authentic Qashqai rug, there are many options to choose from. These rugs are usually a darker shade of red, blue, or navy, though they can also come in yellow, green, or even ivory. They’re woven with a Persian knot and made of wool foundation and red wefts and can range in density from 70 to 170 psi. Many antique Qashqai rugs are vegetable-dyed, but that does not mean that they’re lower-quality rugs.

In the 1950s, the Qashqai tribes migrated from their area in southern Persia to the Caspian Sea. Their nomadic lifestyles led them to weave beautiful rugs, and the quality of the wool was unrivaled. These ancient rugs were hand knotted by women, and many of them were very difficult to sell due to their lack of marketability.


Tribal rugs can be a unique way to incorporate history into your home. These gorgeous rugs can serve as the main focal point in any room, adding a splash of color and intricate design. Here’s a look at where to find great tribal rugs in Denver. First, measure the room to make sure you get the right size. Next, determine what you are planning to do with the rug once you find it.

Quality rugs feature deep, multidimensional colors, and tones. Look for a deep red color. You’ll never believe the richness of these rugs in pictures. A good example is a Tribal Bidjar rug. These rugs feature complex, geometric patterns. However, you should avoid buying a rug that has too many colors, or one that has too many patterns. You’ll probably want to buy a single rug, and then add more to it with a few small ones, if you’re so inclined.

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