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Where Can I Sell Navajo Rugs?

If you’re interested in selling a Navajo rug, you’ve probably come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a red Mesa rug in a rustic style, or a Shiprock-Red Rocks rug that’s gaudier, Albuquerque, New Mexico, is home to a wide variety of Native American arts and crafts. In the city of Albuquerque, you’ll find Southwestern and Native American pottery, baskets, and other works of art that are made from natural materials.

Red Mesa rugs lack the gaudy colors of Teec Nos Pos

Although the rugs of the Navajo tribe do not have the gaudy colors of the famous Teec Nos Pos motifs, they are nonetheless highly desirable. Generally made of hand-spun yarns with a rough finish, Red Mesa rugs are still considered to be fine pieces of art. Red Mesa rugs typically contain traditional colors, with a few slashes of green or blue. Red Mesa rugs are a great choice for a traditional, earth-toned interior.

Unlike their counterparts from Teec Nos Pos, Red Mesa rugs lack the gauzy colors of Teec Nos Pos rugs. The typical weaving design in these rugs features a central line of chevrons, which radiates into a series of serrated diamonds. Contrasting one color with a lighter one creates an eye-dazzler effect. This design had a religious and ceremonial significance, as the chevrons and serrated diamonds outlined a figure.

Shiprock-Red Rocks rugs lack the gaudy colors of Teec Nos Pos

The gaudy and colorful Shiprock-Red Rocks Navso rugs are not the same as those of the region’s southern tier. These rugs are tightly woven with designs that resemble Persian rugs. This design is the result of an early trader circulating examples of Persian-style rugs among the craftswomen of the area. While Trader Noel takes no credit for the design, the resulting rug is a distinctive regional style.

The Shiprock-red rocks Navajo rugs often feature an attractive palette of natural colors. They do not have the gaudy colors of Teec Nos Pos. They lack the garish colors of Teec Nos Pos and Teec Nos. But the Shiprock-red rocks rugs are remarkably similar to those of Teec Nos Pos but lack the gaudy colors of the latter.

Shiprock-Red Rocks type

Besides the distinctive red and orange colors of a Shiprock-Red Rocks Navajo rug, the design of this type of Navajo carpet is also unique. The weaving process began near the common boundary line between Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. The Shiprock-Red Rocks type of Navajo rug is an excellent example of the art of this American Indian tribe.

The Navajo Reservation is split into 13 weaving regions, each producing a distinctive Navajo rug. The Shiprock-Red Rocks type, for instance, is produced on the Northeast corner of the Reservation and is named after the massive volcanic plug Shiprock, one of the Southwest’s most famous landmarks. The San Juan River, a migrant desert stream that flows west to the Colorado River, also forms a central feature of the Shiprock-Red Rocks type of Navajo rug.

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