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Where Can I Find My Rustic Furniture and Chainsaw Carvings?

If you want rustic and industrial decor with an affordable price tag, consider a pallet table. Wooden pallets can be bought, upcycled, stained, and reinforced. To give them a rugged industrial feel, add legs or casters. Hairpin legs add a vintage industrial feel. You can also make a table using chainsaw carvings. There are many places to find pallets that are suitable for upcycling.


For a unique, handcrafted look, go for chainsaw carvings and Floridian rustic furniture. Flori uses a chainsaw instead of a traditional chisel or handsaw. He also has a gas-powered chain saw, which he uses to create his work. While traditional woodshop tools, such as a belt sander and router, are useful, Flori is less likely to use one.

Lonnie Glines

Tree and chainsaw carvings are the latest creations of Lonnie Glines, who has been in the business for 22 years. The former equipment rep learned the craft from a carver he hired for an open house. Glines were carved for eight years under the guidance of his friend. He now uses the internet to source designs for his pieces. He also uses a chainsaw to cut wood for his family’s fires, and his favorite work involves trees.

Lisa Webber

With over 35 years of experience in the forestry industry, Lisa Webber knows a thing or two about sawing. Her chainsaw skills come in handy for clearing logs and tree trunks. At the Hereford Fall Festival, Webber will showcase her saw skills and sell her wooden carvings. If you can’t make it to the festival, she’ll be selling her carvings for sale. She’s been hard at work getting her work ready for the festival and will be happy to take your order.


For a classic look, choose a rustic iron caster. This type of caster is available in three different heights and with a brake for added security. Casters for rustic furniture and chainsaw carvings can add a touch of industrial style to your living room. Casters are great for relocating rustic tables and chairs. You can even use them as a serving table. The Adelanto Cart Coffee Table on Casters is a unique piece with its industrial look.

Hairpin legs

Hairpin legs are a unique style and can add an interesting accent to your furniture. Whether you’re looking for a rustic, wood-and-metal look or a more contemporary twist, hairpin legs can add a unique touch to your home decor. You can build a hairpin table by hand, using reclaimed wood and a drill. You can then paint it, stain it, and add a hairpin-leg seat.

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