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Where Can I Buy Native American-Looking Furniture?

Interested in purchasing Native American-looking furniture? Amaya, a Tulsa-based manufacturer, has just opened showrooms in Dallas, Denver, Washington, D.C., and Seattle. The company also plans to launch showrooms in Tulsa in July. You can learn more about Amatoya here. But you may want to look beyond the big city. If you prefer the local look, try visiting one of the many online Native American furniture shops.


Amaya is an up-and-coming furniture company that embraces traditional Native American cultural elements. The nuanced design is both functional and beautiful, and they make furniture that feels as if it has always been there. The name “Amatoya” means “rainmaker” in Cherokee. Here’s a closer look at this company’s mission:

The company is launching a furniture showroom in Dallas in June. It will showcase 38 pieces from its home collection. The furnishings are also available through partner showrooms. In Dallas and Washington, D.C., the company will debut showrooms, while the Dixon Group in Seattle will display eight to 12 pieces. Tulsa will have a showroom in July. But there’s no need to rush if you want to experience the unique beauty of these handcrafted pieces.

Beyond Buckskin

If you are looking for beautiful Native American-looking furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Beyond Buckskin collaborates with a team of Indigenous artists to bring you unique and inspiring products. Its online boutique showcases pieces from artists all over Turtle Island, including the legendary Teri Greeves, whose beadwork creations are featured in museums and are permanent collections at the Heard Museum. If you’re interested in purchasing Native American-looking furniture but aren’t sure where to start, you can visit Beyond Buckskin Boutique. This company sells authentic Native American-looking furniture, clothing, and accessories from over 40 artists.

The company also collaborates with Native fashion designers. Their latest lookbook, “Beyond Buckskin: Contemporary Native Fashion,” features a curated selection of the latest tribal fashions. The Beyond Buckskin lookbook was produced by Metcalfe and photographer Bethany Yellowtail and was launched at the recent Reservation Economic Summit in Las Vegas. The summit is an annual gathering of tribal leaders, state elected officials, and Indian Country’s top CEOs.

Edzerza Gallery

If you are looking for furniture made of native materials, you’ve probably noticed that they are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary decor. Several brands have made it possible to find authentic pieces that are truly unique. Many of these brands feature pieces by artists with Native heritage. One such company is Edzerza Gallery. This gallery, located in West Vancouver, BC, is run by Tahltan multimedia artist Alano Edzerza.

The shop has been around for five decades, specializing in contemporary and timeless pieces inspired by indigenous cultures. It also sells authentic Native American jewelry. The store’s collection is comprised of items made by members of the Ojibwe Nation. The gallery also features contemporary art, including jewelry made by MTN Tough, an outdoor clothing company. And for more traditional pieces, you can also check out Etkie, which offers high-end handmade beaded jewelry by Indigenous artists.


If you’re looking to add a touch of native American style to your home, you might be wondering where to buy Native American-looking furniture. Fortunately, there are several sources to find authentic Native American-style furniture. Here are some of the best options:

Elm Bark Panel Furniture: This style is derived from the traditional furniture of the Ojibwe people in Canada’s Georgian Bay region. Since the tribes used this bark to sheath canoes and shelters, it was only natural that they use it to make furniture, too. Elm bark sheets were applied to a peeled pole frame made of white cedar. The result is a simple yet sturdy design with a distinctive rustic aesthetic.

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