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Where Can Furniture Be Donated in Virginia Beach?

If you’re looking for a place to donate your old furniture, you may want to try donating it to Goodwill, Salvation Army, The Arc, or The King’s Daughters. The following charities accept gently used furniture, appliances, and household items. You can also donate items to a local charity if you don’t want to donate your old furniture to a nonprofit. You can find more information on these organizations here.


To help alleviate the housing crisis, consider Goodwill Furniture Donation in Virginia Beach. Local charities offer items for free or at a reduced price. Moreover, some centers also sell discounted goods. These centers are good options if you are in need of furniture, electronics, or appliances. You can contact them to find out what they accept. Listed below are some of the most popular donation options in Virginia Beach. Listed below are the benefits of donating your old furniture to Goodwill in Virginia Beach.

Salvation Army

If you have extra pieces of furniture and no longer need them, you can donate them to charities such as the Salvation Army. You can even call them to have them pick up your items. Just make sure that you check out their COVID-19 safety procedures and wear the proper PPE when donating furniture. Before you donate your items, sanitize and disinfect them and ask them if they need a receipt. If you are not able to donate your items to charities in your area, consider trying online donation sites such as Freecycle to get them picked up.

The Arc

If you’re thinking about donating furniture in Virginia Beach, the Arc may be the perfect option for your needs. This nonprofit organization provides educational opportunities for disabled kids and supports the families of those with disabilities. You can donate any size of the furniture, household items, or other items to the Arc, and they will pick up your donation for free. They also provide tax deduction documents for your donations. To find a local chapter in Virginia Beach, visit the Arc’s website.

The King’s Daughters

If you’re looking for a way to donate your used furniture, The Kings Daughters is a great place to start. These thrift stores have more positive reviews than any other business in the Virginia Beach area, so you can be sure that they are going to be able to provide you with quality service. The organization’s mission is to help those in need and its thrift stores have more than enough room for everyone who donates.

CHKD Thrift Stores

One of the oldest and most popular thrift stores in the region, CHKD Thrift Stores in Virginia Beach has been in business since 1986 when the first store opened on Little Creek Road in Norfolk. Today, they continue to be one of the top-performing stores in sales and profits in Hampton Roads. Donations can be dropped off for free Monday through Friday, with Saturday hours being limited to the warmest months. Hours are currently noon to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. The Monticello location is closed on Sundays. You can donate any item in resellable condition, including major appliances.


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