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If you’re looking for unique home furnishing pieces, traditional markets are a must-visit. Each one showcases a unique facet of the country’s culture. For instance, taking, a type of grass that grows in swampy areas alongside rice fields, is a common and traditional form of footwear. You’ll find a vast variety of Tikog rugs and tablecloths on sale in traditional markets, making it the perfect place to start your search.

Traditional markets showcase a unique aspect of a country

For those who are in Manila, traditional markets offer a glimpse into a different part of the city. Apart from regular shops, these markets sell more. The Divisoria district in Manila, popularly known as Divi by locals, is a great place to see dried fish stalls. Be prepared to walk through crowded streets, so make sure to wear your backpack on the front. We found that many people had their valuables stolen while buying dried fish.

Tiko is a grass that grows in swampy areas alongside rice fields

Tiko is a type of grass that grows in wet and swampy areas along rice fields. It is characterized by solid, jointless stems and triangular patterns. This type of reed grass was once naturally found growing in the wild, but its increasing demand for woven mats has caused the supply of the plant to be depleted. Taking farming is now a growing industry in Samar and more area has been developed to cultivate the grass.

The stems of taking are firm and triangular, reaching a height of three meters. They are cut to the desired length and dried in the sun. After drying, they are dyed to produce the desired color. They are perennial and have arrow-shaped leaves. Tiko is a green or brown hue, and the stems can be cut according to length.

Tiko is a traditional form of footwear

Tiko, a type of traditional footwear, is used on the Coastal Beaches of the Asian Native Philippines. It grows along rice fields in swampy areas and has solid stems and triangular edges. The natives used it as a floor covering and it is still used today for many different things. Taking slippers is popular in some places in the Philippines, but they are more commonly used by foreign investors. You can find tikog slippers at Kultura Filipino in Makati City.

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