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When Was Western Cowboy Furniture Made?

If you are considering purchasing cowboy western furniture, you may be wondering, when was it made? In fact, the first time you see one, you may wonder what kind of cowboy western furniture was made. The truth is that cowboy western furniture was made by a number of different companies and designers. You can find pieces made by the Shoshone furniture company, A. Brandt Ranch Oak Furniture, Jim Thomas, and even Alan Fears.

Molesworth furniture

S Sotheby’s is proud to present an exceptional private collection of Molesworth western cowboy furniture. This collection features bold, burled woods, colorful leathers, and dynamic Chimayo weavings. It features a variety of styles, from graphic keyhole side chairs to burled-leg tables and seating. As part of the firm’s commitment to Western vernacular, all Molesworth pieces are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Shoshone furniture company

Thomas Molesworth founded the Shoshone Furniture Company in Cody, Wyoming in 1931. He drew inspiration from the western style he had cultivated in his studies at the Art Institute. In order to create pieces that harkened back to his own experience of the American West, he used local craftsmen and drew inspiration from western art. Molesworth designed furniture for dude ranches, hotels, clubs, and houses throughout the West, from western lodges to corporate offices. Even Moses Annenberg had his own house decorated in the western style.

Jim Covert

While it’s true that many people in Cody, Wyoming have seen authentic Western cowboy furniture, the two men who first introduced rustic styles to the city are the pioneers of the current trend. In Cody, Covert is considered the grandfather of rustic furniture. He’s co-chair of the Cody High Style event, held at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. During the late ’80s, the rustic style was on the rise and Covert saw a resurgence of interest in it. Initially, the only customers for his furniture were dude ranches and cowboy brew houses.

Conestoga wagon furniture

There’s nothing more authentic and charming than Conestoga wagon furniture. This antique piece of western cowboy furniture is a reminder of the pioneer days when families migrated west from Missouri. Conestoga wagons were heavy and difficult to pull for long distances. Westbound travelers instead used prairie schooners that had low sides and flat bodies. The covered wagons’ white canvas covers made them look like sailing ships from afar.

Viers Western Furniture

The founding fathers of Viers Western Furniture were a husband and wife team who embraced the Molesworth style and worked closely with their families in the shop. They shared ideas and materials and welcomed the brothers into the furniture-making community in Cody, Wyoming. Today, the brothers focus their efforts on utilizing the Molesworth style and have participated in the Western Design Conference and Cody High Style. The studios at Viers Western Furniture are complete with a sign reading, “Viers.” It is a fitting tribute to the father-son duo who have grown their business by hand over the last 15 years.

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