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What You Should Know About Native American Clan Wove Rugs With Birds

What do you look for when buying a rug with birds? You might be surprised to know that these rugs are available from several tribes in North America. You can also look for peacocks and geometric shapes like diamonds and lozenges. If you are curious to know more about rugs made by these tribes, read on to discover more about them! Besides birds, these rug designs often feature geometric shapes, such as diamonds and lozenges.


The beauty of Native American Clan Wove Rugs with motifs of peacocks is its complexity. The wool used to make these rugs were usually treated in several stages over eight days. These processes resulted in brittle, moldy wool. Nevertheless, damage to the wool does not diminish the value of the rug, as its corrosion provides a soothing effect. There are several recipes for the dyes used in weaving the rugs, but they are known only to those who were interviewed. The recipes were also jealously guarded among families.

Geometric shapes

In a world where electricity and motorized vehicles are nonexistent, Native American Clan Wove Rugs with bird images have become increasingly popular. These handcrafted masterpieces are handmade by Navajo women. These rugs have been used for thousands of years, and are highly prized. These beautiful and functional pieces of art will enhance your home decor. And because these tribal rugs are so rare, it is important to know more about these pieces.


The diamond motif has different meanings among nomadic tribes in America. Some tribes associate the diamond with fertility, power, heroism, and masculinity. For women, the diamond symbolizes love and protection from evil eyes. Others believe that the diamond represents both sexes, thereby symbolizing a man and a woman. However, these are not the only symbolic meanings of the diamond motif.


In 1880, railroad service reached Navajo lands. The rapid expansion of this service resulted in a tremendous increase in the market for Navajo woven goods. In the same time period, wool production doubled, textile production increased by 800%, and purchases of manufactured yarn made up for the shortage. In the mid-nineteenth century, federal reports affirmed that weaving was done almost exclusively by women. Because weavers were unable to keep up with demand, quality suffered. Currently, a Navajo woven rug can fetch up to $8000.


Navajo Clan Wove Rugs are among the finest examples of Native American rugs. These rugs were handmade and use the highest-quality threads, and their patterns are simple yet elegant. They feature brown, white, and blue colors. Their motifs and designs often feature birds. Navajo Clan Wove Rugs with Birds


Native American tribes often feature arrowheads on their clan rugs with birds. Arrowheads are important symbols because they represent freedom and are often used as animal symbols. Different tribes placed different symbolic meanings on these birds. Some tribes regarded birds as messengers and the power of flight. Many people in Native America still revere birds for their beauty and spiritual meanings. A bird’s feathers have many uses, including being a symbol of long life and good health.

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