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What Would an 1890s Log Cabin Have for Furniture?

So what would an 1890s log cabin look like? Well, that depends on who you ask. But there are many things to know when planning to furnish such a house. Read on to discover the Styles of the 1890s log cabins and the methods of notching the wood. We’ll also talk about interior decor in this period. So, why not make one for yourself?

Historical significance

History is alive and well in the log cabin. The style and craftsmanship of furniture from this time period are rooted in American tradition. Its rustic beauty and refreshing lifestyle are worth keeping. And because it’s a permanent fixture in America, the log cabin’s history is sure to live on. The enduring value of this style demonstrates the resilience and tenacity of the American people during times of hardship.

Styles of log cabins

Log cabin furniture embodies a simple and earthy feel that makes the space look inviting. This type of furniture often includes richly colored fabrics and a variety of textures. They typically feature two simple patterns and blend harmonizing colors. The patterns are often plaids and stripes, which replicate the look of authentic woven textiles from early America. Listed below are a few examples of styles that were popular during the 1890s.

Notching methods

The construction methods used to make doors and windows were different from those used today. Logs were used instead of milled lumber, and window and door frames were attached during construction. A wide variety of tools were used for the construction process, including a felling axe, a broad axe, a hand saw, and a chisel. Notching methods are different as well, depending on the type of building you are attempting to recreate.

Interior decor

When it comes to enhancing the rustic feel of your cabin, warm colors like browns and beige are the best choices. This color scheme is cozy and inviting, and you can also use candles or leather furniture for additional warmth. Greenery also adds to the overall feel of your cabin, because it helps purify the air and makes it feel more connected to nature. Incorporate rustic furniture and accessories, such as logs and birch wood, but avoid traditional, over-stuffed furniture.


In 1890, a Scandinavian log home was built in the Black Hills. The interior has been renovated using reclaimed barn wood trim and Black Hills pine beetle floors. It is centrally located in Spearfish, Utah, and is within walking distance of several local restaurants. There’s also a bike path two blocks away and 60 miles of attractions. This log home has a private entrance, a bathroom and kitchen, and plenty of parking.

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