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What Would a Rustic Living Room Furniture Look Like in Redmond Washington?

If you’re in the market for a new look for your home, you’re probably wondering what a rustic living room furniture set in Redmond, Washington would look like. These rooms are all about incorporating reclaimed wood and natural stone in the design, creating a focal point. But how would you go about achieving this look? You can use weathered wood, chandeliers, and a big chandelier to make the room feel more rustic, and you can still use other design elements, such as a rattan rug.

Decorated with reclaimed wood

Adding rustic elements does not mean sacrificing color. The key is balancing it with intentional color choices. This living room from the Dazey Den combines blush pink with teal to create a vibrant contrast with the muted tones of the patterned rug and midcentury furnishings. The vintage fireplace and shelving nod to rustic imagery. It’s an airy and cozy space with a modern twist.

Adding a large chandelier

The addition of a large chandelier to a rustic living room can be a stunning accent. The faceted glass crystals combined with gold finishes produce an incredibly beautiful aesthetic. These large-scale chandeliers are 24 inches wide and complement both traditional and contemporary decor. They are typically made of pulegone glass, which traps tiny air bubbles to give them an opaque appearance. If you’re not comfortable working with a skilled electrician to install this type of lighting, you’ll want to consider hiring a professional.

Using weathered wood

Weathered wood is a popular material for rustic living room furniture, especially those made of vintage barn wood. Not only will reclaimed wood look great in your living room, but it’s also a wonderful way to add a bit of history to the space. In Redmond, Washington, you can find a wide selection of reclaimed wood furniture at stores like RESTORE.

Using reclaimed elements

When it comes to the rustic style, the key is to use natural, earthy colors that emphasize a sense of warmth and inviting vibes. This style will benefit from rustic elements such as wooded pieces, reclaimed wood, and muted stone. Whether you have a modern home or a shabby-chic one, rustic living room furniture will fit in perfectly with your style.

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