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What Were Small Navajo Rugs Used For?

If you are wondering what small Navajo rugs were used for, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find information about these rugs’ uses and patterns, as well as their price ranges. You may also be interested in knowing how they were made and where you can purchase them. You can find out more about the art of weaving Navajo rugs by reading this article.

Navajo rugs

Traditionally, Small Navajo rugs were used as floor coverings. However, their popularity has decreased since they were discovered in the late nineteenth century. This is because they are expensive, so it is wise to purchase one that fits your budget. You can find a high-quality example for under $1,000 at a museum. Small rugs have many different uses, from serving as decorative accents to being used as floor coverings.

Navajo weaving patterns

Traditionally, Navajo weaving was made with cotton twine, and it originated in the Gallup area of New Mexico. It was initially a way to sell to tourists along the railroad line that ran through the town. The Chinle area rugs, for instance, have wavy lines and squash blossom patterns. Another example of a Navajo rug with a distinctive style is a Wide Ruins rug. This style incorporates the Two Gray Hills style and a quincunx.

Navajo rugs’ price range

Contemporary Navajo rugs’ price range varies from under $500 to several thousand dollars. These rugs are considered highly prized and unique. Many rugs are over 500 years old. You may want to consider a rug that has been in your family for several generations. A rug made by a Navajo tribe is considered sacred. The price of a Navajo rug varies depending on its size, style, and complexity.

Navajo rugs patterns

There are many ways to identify small Navajo rugs’ patterns. For starters, you may notice some regional characteristics, but each Navajo rug is unique. Navajo weavers put a lot of creative energy and soul into their weaving, so the patterns and colors that you find in one rug may not be in another. Each rug is a work of art in and of itself.

Navajo rugs’ size

Navajo rugs’ size was usually determined by the place of manufacture. Large vintage rugs typically survive the rigors of foot traffic. They were frequently used at early 20th century World’s Fairs and may only require cleaning after the fair is over. This makes them excellent candidates for home decoration. Traditionally, Navajo people made blankets for wear, but as competition and trends grew, they began to use their weaving for home decoration.

Navajo rugs pattern

A small Navajo rug’s pattern is called the Gallup. The weaving method of this type of rug is finely woven, which gives it a distinct design. Some of these rugs are also referred to as Gallup throws. These are smaller than the Chief’s blanket and have a pattern similar to his manta. The design on a Gallup throw is made of three strands of thread, one for each end of the warp.

native american rugs with a h woven in the corner

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