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What Type of Wood to Use for Rustic Furniture?

If you are thinking of making rustic furniture for your home, you probably want to know what type of wood to use. There are several options, but you should consider cedar, oak, maple, and cherry, too. This article will discuss each of these wood types, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Read on to find out which type is right for your home! Here are a few reasons to choose each one.


Cherry is a beautiful wood that is naturally attractive, yet doesn’t require any enhancements. Cherry also takes staining well. Cherrywood comes in two types – sapwood and heartwood. Sapwood comes from the outer side of the tree and has a yellowish tint, while heartwood has a deeper, more reddish tone. It has a moderate natural luster. While both types are great choices for rustic furniture, they have slightly different characteristics.


If you are trying to create a rustic look for your home, hickory is a good choice. Hickory is dense and heavy, and it can warp in humid environments. Its light brown color is accentuated by darker overtones and a distinctive grain pattern. Some people even say Hickory looks pink under certain lighting. It is easy to work with, though it is more likely to tear out than other hardwoods. It also takes stain better than most other hardwoods.


Oak is a popular wood for rustic furniture and it goes well with virtually any style of interior design. The hallmark wood for Mission and Arts and Crafts styles is Quartersawn White Oak. A farmhouse-styled bedroom set like the Papillion Bedroom Set is a great example of rustic furniture with an updated gray finish. Both Red Oak and White Oak are dense, heavy, and resistant to dents and scratches.


If you are looking for natural, weathered wood to make rustic furniture, consider brown maple. It has a smooth and uniform grain that is great for painting and distressing. This wood also takes paints and stains well. It is easy to cut and shape. Its brown color is similar to that of cherry. While this type of maple has fewer visible pores, it is still hardwood. If you are looking for a more contemporary look, try dark staining on a lighter piece.


One of the most common materials for rustic furniture is pine. This softwood is inexpensive and easy to work with, and the wood has a nice scent. Although it is not the hardest wood, pine is fairly easy to repair with a high-quality clear coat. While it has a tendency to show knot holes, this can be a good thing or a bad one, depending on your tastes. Pine can give your rustic furniture a cozy, country feel.


Elm is a great wood for rustic furniture. Besides its attractive grain, it is tough and difficult to split. Its interlocked grain also makes it difficult to split and stays together even after it has been subjected to a lot of abuse. However, elm isn’t the most durable wood. Hence, the price tag of elm wood furniture is a little higher than that of other woods.

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