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What Type of Furniture is Ideal For Coastal Mexico?

When planning a new beach house, coastal Mexico can be a great place to buy your new furniture. This is particularly true for coastal homes. Coastal homes are often bright and airy, and the colors are generally more muted than those of the desert. A coastal style can also include a Mexican touch, and this article outlines some ideas for coastal-inspired furnishings. You’ll also find out about Mayan pottery and hammocks, as well as other decor elements that are appropriate.

Beach Cottage style

Coastal Mexican furniture can be found in a wide range of styles. Beach Cottage style furnishings evoke images of tranquil mornings spent in your new vacation home, soft breezes blowing through your curtains, and children playing in the distance. This decor is a blend of modern and coastal aesthetics. Read on to discover more about Beach Cottage style furniture. And don’t forget to add a Mexican touch to your interiors.

Spanish colonial style

Coastal Mexican design features the simple lines and rustic beauty of Spanish Colonial homes. Interiors feature simple furniture, such as carved wood tables and chairs. Spanish Colonial homes also feature low-pitched roofs and castle-like parapets. Many homes are built with wood doors and other decorative elements; they are sometimes arched to mimic the style of the arched doorways inside the home. The floors are usually tiled and include pottery and metal accents. Stained glass and images of saints are popular accessories in the style.

Mayan hammocks

The beautiful Mayan hammock has been around for thousands of years and is the perfect piece of coastal furniture. The hammock is traditionally made of sisal, which is inexpensive but coarse and uncomfortably stiff. This fiber becomes softer with washing and is typically used by rural Mayan farmers. You can purchase a Mayan hammock in Merida, Mexico. The hammocks are then shipped to Maui, Hawaii, where Hangloose Hammocks manufactures them.

Mayan ceramics

Coastal Mexico is the ideal setting for Mayan ceramic furniture. The Maya settled across the Yucatan Peninsula in the first millennium B.C. They used clay for construction, traded raw materials, and sculpted in various media. Many of their ceramic vessels were durable, holding food for daily life as well as offerings made to a deity or a god. Today, Mayan ceramics are found throughout coastal Mexico.

Talavera pottery

When planning a vacation to coastal Mexico, you should buy pieces of Talavera pottery furniture. Talavera pottery is handmade and tin-glazed to have a glossy finish. Its diverse collection includes functional dishes and decorative pieces. Its creation and popularity originated in Talavera de la Reina, Spain, and spread throughout Mexico during the colonial era in the 1500s.


Coastal Mexico is known for its warm and humid climate. Because of this, many wood furniture manufacturers have moved production to Tijuana and other border cities in Mexico. Not only are labor costs in Mexico lower than they are in the United States, but the environmental regulations and occupational safety standards are less strict. Manufacturers see Mexico as a great opportunity to compete with manufacturers in the Far East and to be closer to the Southern California market.

Acrylic paint

If you are considering using acrylic paint on your wooden furniture, there are a few things you should know. You should be patient when painting furniture because the drying time can vary greatly. You should allow the furniture to dry for at least a day before you move on to the next step. For best results, choose a high-quality paint, and use a primer before painting. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired finish.

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