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What to Do With Unwanted Furniture in Long Beach, NY

If you don’t know what to do with unwanted furniture, there are a few options available. There are several donation options, such as Donation Town, Junkluggers, Homeless shelters, and Theater groups. Your local junk yard may also have a pickup service. Donations are free, and you’ll be doing your part to help the environment. In Long Beach, you can donate used furniture to these organizations.

Donation Town

Donation Town for unwanted furniture in Long Beach connects you with charities in your local area. Simply type in your ZIP code and you’ll be shown a list of charities that accept your items. Hyperlocal charities, like Goodwill, can benefit from donated items, as do national organizations. Goodwill provides job training, traditional employment, and classes for people with disabilities. While they prefer you donate in person, they accept large items, such as refrigerators, couches, and beds.

Your local Junkluggers

When you are looking for junk removal services in Long Beach, NY, Junkluggers is the answer. This company is committed to responsibly disposing of junk. They recycle, e-cycle, and donate qualifying items. To provide their customers with a hassle-free junk removal service, they provide a free estimate and on-site assessment. During the estimate process, Junkluggers will sort out items for recycling or donation, and dispose of the rest of your junk.

Homeless shelters

Donating your unwanted furniture to a homeless shelter in Long Beach is a great way to give it a second life and help those in need. You can donate household items, clothing, electronics, and other items to homeless shelters in the city. By donating your furniture, you are helping many people in need, and you can also feel good about contributing to a great cause. Check out this list to see which organizations accept donations and which will pick up your donated items for free.

Theater groups

Donating used theater furniture and appliances to nonprofit theaters in your area can benefit many organizations. Long Beach is home to the Found Theatre, which is permanently closing its doors. The theater has given away most of its equipment and is looking for new homes for its remaining pieces. Donated items can include 30 theatre seats and professionally built rolling platforms. Theater groups in Long Beach often need to be donated furniture and appliances for their productions.

Grateful Hearts

Have you accumulated a bunch of unwanted furniture and no longer need it? Donate it to a charity in your area! Long Beach-based nonprofit organization Grateful Hearts with Unwanted Furniture accepts donations of furniture, household items, hygiene products, and food. Donate to help elderly and disabled people in your community! They will be grateful for your generosity! Listed below are some of the charities that accept donations of unwanted furniture.

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