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What to Do With Cowhides in RuneScape

If you are wondering what to do with cowhides in Runescape, you’re not alone. Many players are wondering what to do with cowhide leather, and this article will provide some answers. In this article, you’ll learn about how to sell cowhide in Al Kharid, what to use cowhide leather for, and how to avoid buying it. Luckily, we’ve compiled some useful tips to help you make the best decision when purchasing cowhides.

Selling cowhides in Al Kharid

To sell cowhides in RuneScape, you must first tan them. You can do this by heading to the tannery located in Al Kharid. There, you can pay three coins for each hide. This way, you can sell soft or hard leather. The tannery is also located near Al Kharid bank. In addition to managing cowhides, you can also sell the leather at the grand exchange.

Cowhides can be sold at the Grand Exchange, which is located northwest of Varrock. All players can go there for the first time by completing the Prince Ali rescue quest. Alternatively, cowhides can be tanned at the Al Kharid tannery, which will turn them into soft leathers. This process requires one gold coin but will raise your cowhide price by 4030 coins. This process will take several hours, but it is worth it if you have plenty of cowhides to sell.

Using cowhide leather in Creature Creation

Cowhide is a raw material that can be turned into a variety of creature parts. You can obtain cowhides from dead cows and then turn them into soft leather or hard leather for three coins. Cowhide can be used in creature creation and is needed to craft unicows, which you need to have the Tower of Life for. Once you have the hides, you can take them to Beefy Bill for crafting purposes. You can find Beefy Bill at the north-western cow field in Lumbridge.

Avoiding buying cowhides

There are several ways to avoid buying cowhides in Runescape. One of the most important ways is to buy from the bank lobby. If you are standing there, you may see a person muttering that they’re looking for cowhides. If you are unsure whether you should buy a cowhide or a hide, be cautious. Several factors are affected by the number of players in the game.

You must have enough gold in your inventory to buy the cowhides. Buying cowhides will cost you 113-120 gold each. If you have a full inventory, making it will give you 3k gold. However, if you want a higher-priced cowhide, you should check the Grand Exchange first. You can also make a bank run south of the hide tanner to avoid paying as much money for the cowhide.

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