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What Stores Sell Beach Decor?

Coastal décor is in style, and you might be wondering what stores sell beach decor. Here are a few places where you can find beach-themed furnishings and handcrafted goods. In addition to coastal furniture and art, these stores also sell reclaimed wood and other handcrafted goods. Take your pick! And remember: the more nautical and beach-related the decor, the better! There are plenty of beach-themed stores, so you’re sure to find something to match your theme!

Shops that sell beach decor

A vacation spot doesn’t have to be a beach destination if you have a little coastal flair. If you love the look of seashells, mermaids, and dreamy hues, you’ve found your perfect place. Coastal decor includes furniture and accessories that capture that coastal feel. From framed seascape prints to beachy accents, you’ll find it all in shops that sell beach decor.

If you’re looking for home decor that is coastal and colorful, check out Wayfair. This online home decor store carries a wide range of nautical and coastal-themed decor. Some of the items have clever coastal quotes, while others feature ocean vistas and vibrant colors. The coastal decor makes great gifts for any beach home. If you’re not sure where to start, consider visiting these shops in your area. For those looking for the perfect beach-themed gift, browse the items and reviews to find the perfect one for you.

Shops that sell reclaimed wood

The beauty of reclaimed wood is that it comes from an old building. Its history is unique and can make your beach decor even more beautiful. Reclaimed wood is also a greener choice as it requires fewer resources to process. You can find beach decor in a variety of styles and colors. These pieces are great for home and beach decor, as well as the interiors of modern homes.

Some reclaimed wood shops do not build the merchandise themselves, but they do make the pieces available for purchase in their online shops. Many of these sellers do custom orders. You can order a custom headboard or a sofa that features reclaimed wood or simply order a custom piece. Many people purchase wood for other purposes, such as making accent walls. If you need a coffee table or a sofa table, you can find a rustic option at OL 2 NU.

Shops that sell handcrafted goods

Coastal-inspired home decor and art are in style at shops along the Jersey Shore. Salamone, for example, offers handcrafted wooden wall art and coastal-themed pottery. Its artisan products are all made in the United States. Stackles carries small watercolor paintings with gold-foiled cutouts of jellyfish. And House & Closet, located on the Jersey Shore, carries handmade goods with eco-friendliness at their core. For example, its beach-inspired decor features organic cotton bedding, jewelry made from recycled leather, and environmentally-friendly lighting.

The artwork on display at Sunshine and Sweet Pea features the work of 40 artists. Coastal-themed home accessories and furniture make the space feel bright and airy. The shop’s framed seascape print and starfish-upholstered chairs are perfect for a beach-inspired home. Merchandise is also available for purchase, including mermaid and seashell-themed art. The store also carries a range of unique sea shell jewelry and seashell-decorated pillows.

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