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What Parts of a Cow Hide Are the Best For Making Bags?

Cow leather is typically used for the manufacture of bags. While other animal skins may also be used in the making of bags, cow leather is generally considered the best. It is versatile and durable. Though cow leather may have some imperfections, such as streaks, scratches, or holes, it is still considered a good quality product. This article will cover the various parts of cowhide used for making bags.

Number one hides

The prices of branded cowhides have dropped in recent months, which has affected the leather market. While these prices may be expected to continue to fall, this drop does not necessarily mean that cowhide is less expensive. Several factors determine the quality of the hide. For instance, cows raised in hot climates are more likely to develop scars due to insects while those in colder climates have fewer pests to worry about. Additionally, certain breeds have thicker skin and more protective hair than their counterparts.

Until recent years, cowhides were considered the most luxurious of leather. However, the trend has changed and shoppers are now opting for synthetic alternatives instead. However, leather still retains its popularity and once ruled the closets of many Americans. Today, however, a glut of cheap cowhides has reduced the value of these hides. As a result, many hides are no longer worth the money paid for them. In fact, cowhides are worth much less than their counterparts from steers.

Buffalo leather

When choosing a material for your next bag, buffalo leather should be your top choice. This material is different from cow leather in several ways. For one, buffalo leather does not go through the stretching process as cow leather does. Instead, buffalo leather has a thicker epidermal layer that is three times thicker than cow skin. Additionally, buffalo leather is also much tougher than cow skin.

Among the advantages of buffalo leather include its smooth and water-resistant finish. It is a great material for carrying laptops and other items. It also has many internal compartments and large zippered pockets for holding accessories. Buffalo leather luggage features high-quality metal YKK zips and is lined with cotton blend and leather accents. Buffalo leather holds up well to years of wear and is an excellent choice for workcations.


Kidskin leather is made from young or old goats. Its characteristics are similar to those of calfskin, but it is softer and provides more protection. It is lightweight, flexible, and has a fine grain. Goatskin leather is often left with a layer of wool. Goatskin leather is especially suitable for handwear. It requires the same upkeep as other leathers.

Cows have different hide qualities based on their climate and genetics. Hot climates are prone to insect bites, leaving behind scars, while cold climates do not have as many pests. Certain breeds of cows may also have thicker skin and more protective hair. The quality of kidskin leather is usually determined by the type of treatment given to the cows, and what parts of the hide are best for making kidskin bags.

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