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What Part of the Cow Hide Makes the Best Sheath?

If you’re a knife owner, you may be wondering what part of a cow hide makes the belt sheath. There are three main types: Top grain, Shabrack, and Fold-over. This article will give you the scoop on each type. If you’re not sure which one to choose, read on to learn about the advantages of each. After all, a sheath should protect your knife and make you feel safe carrying it around.


Cowhide is the primary material used to make leather sheaths and belts. The “harness” leather is obtained from adult neutered animals with a very thick layer (two to five millimeters). It has a very high density and is very strong. “Shabrack” is the thickest section of the animal’s hide and is often used for belts and harnesses.

Top grain

If you want the best sheath for your knife, make sure to choose the best material. Cowhide is a great choice, but not the only type of cowhide that makes a good sheath. You should also look for vegetable-tanned cow leather, which will not corrode your knife. Leather furniture accounts for about 14% of all leather products, and you should make sure that the material you choose is Top Grain cow leather. Leather stitching also makes a difference.


If you’re looking for a knife sheath that’s made with premium cowhide, then look no further than this two-seam cowhide sheath. Made from thick, full-grain cowhide leather, this sheath will hold most 12-inch knives with ease. It features a concealed metal snap closure and horizontal and vertical belt loops. Double-stitching reinforces stress areas, and the sheath is made of 1/8-inch thick, full-grain cowhide leather.


Fold-over cowhide sheaths are the most popular style for folding knives. This style can be carried in a pocket with a spring steel clip or without one. The price for these sheaths starts at $60 without the clip and $70 with one. These sheaths are made with high-quality Horween cowhide leather. The slight imperfections are natural variations in the leather. The English Tan Dublin is less dyed and pigmented than other leathers.


Whether you’re looking for a unique knife sheath or a replacement scabbard, a custom-made Kydex sheath is a great choice. These tough and durable sheaths are made with premium cowhide and feature multiple retention points. The material is also highly resistant to water and sunlight. These sheaths are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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