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What Part of Cow Hide is Used For?

You may be wondering: what part of cowhide is used for what? Normally, cowhide is damaged during its life and then dried. However, once it is tanned, it is almost as good as new. The scientific name for cowhide is the tanned bovine dermis. The cow’s hide is then used to make different products, such as leather and footwear. There are also two kinds of cowhide: full grain and shanks.

Full Grain (Cowhide) leather

Full Grain (Cowhide) cowhide leather is the top layer of the cowhide. In the process of creating leather products, this layer is removed to remove the excess hair and natural markings. The resulting leather has a more uniform color and will age more beautiful as it is used. Full-grain leather will also last longer because the natural grain of the hide is still visible.

Flanks and shanks

The lean, flavorful meat from the shanks of cows can be used in many dishes, and its low-fat content makes it an excellent ground beef substitute. Flanks and shanks of cowhide have been eaten for centuries in many Asian countries and are a great bargain compared to other beef cuts. Traditionally, they have been used as soup bones, but today, they can also be smoked and jerked for a savory snack.


When buying a cowhide rug, there are several things to keep in mind. A high-quality hide will be soft, easy to fold, and of even thickness throughout. It should also smell like leather. While all cowhides have natural imperfections, a high-quality hide will be repaired so that the flaws are barely noticeable. Poorly repaired hides can feel stiff and ugly. So, when shopping for a cowhide rug, you’ll want to consider its production area, color, and suppleness.


If you’ve ever visited a cow’s hide farm, you know just how beautiful the finished product can be. The natural skin and hair of a cow retain the color and texture of the animal. Traditionally, cowhide was used for a variety of purposes, including making rugs, shoes, and even books. Nowadays, cowhide is still popular and widely used, but it has a different origin. Here are some interesting facts about cowhide.

Common uses

Cowhides are used for many purposes. They are widely used in leather clothing, footwear, handbags, and even in Spalding basketballs. The leather is soft and durable and can be used for a variety of items. Large cattle industries help make these products more affordable. In addition, cowhides can be dyed, cut, and shaped to create any item you can imagine. This versatile leather is often made from a variety of animals, including cows and buffalo.

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