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What Makes For Good Nautical Decor?

If you’ve ever wondered what makes for good nautical decor, you’ve come to the right place. This article will go over the Rope details, Sand-colored accents, and white-painted wood. In addition, you’ll find some great ideas for decorating with seashells. These decorative accents can make your home look even more seaworthy! Just remember that nautical decor isn’t limited to the sea!

Rope details

Rope details are an unapologetically nautical accent. A rope-decorated decorative sphere can instantly upgrade the look of any interior. Along with ropes, nautical motifs can also be incorporated into other aspects of coastal chic design, such as a jute rug and curated books. And while anchor motifs are common in coastal decor, they need not give your home a kitschy feel.

Sand-colored accents

For a fun, inexpensive way to create nautical-inspired decor, add sand-colored accents throughout the room. One of the most common accents is a wooden table with a glass top. This makes the table look lighter and allows the eye to flow easily through the space. Sand-colored accents can be incorporated into other areas of the home, including the bathroom. Use a large anchor on a large hook for added nautical decor.

Natural wood

Whether you’re looking for a rustic, coastal look or a more modern nautical feel, adding natural wood tones to your nautical decor is an easy way to create the look you’re after. From repurposed driftwood to weathered wood furniture, natural wood is a classic option for bringing a beachy feel into your home. Whether you choose to use natural wood accents in your home or simply hang pieces of driftwood from your ceiling, these shades of wood are sure to add an air of coastal living to your space.

White-painted wood

If you’re thinking about decorating your home in the classic, seafaring style, you’ll want to choose pieces in natural wood. The better, the darker the better. If you’re decorating with white-painted wood, try contrasting it with navy-blue walls. To complete your nautical decor theme, add ropes, wicker objects, and another nautical decor. White-painted wood is a classic choice and works well with nautical themes.

Objects from maritime history

Decorative objects reminiscent of nautical life are a popular choice for nautical decor. Wooden ship models have a fascinating history and offer an authentic feel to your decor. Choose one that has a special meaning for you and incorporate it into your decor. The most popular ship in maritime history is the Titanic. You can buy replicas of this famous ship in many shapes and sizes. They also make great napkin rings.

Simple color schemes

For a calm, soothing nautical decor theme, keep colors simple. A simple seashell color scheme is ideal for the living room, as is a simple yellow and sea green accent. However, it is possible to add colorful accents as well. Using a single accent color or a combination of complementary colors can create a very colorful room. If you can’t decide on a single color, try using several accent colors to create the desired look.

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