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What Kind of Flowers and Greenery Do You Use With Nautical Decor?

What kind of flowers and greenery do you use for your nautical decor? You can choose from Sprays, Filler flowers, and Hydrangeas. These flowers are symbolic of friendship and love, and make excellent choices for your home decor. Also, try using blue, white, and red flowers when decorating for a nautical theme. Here are some examples. Also, consider using greenery like ferns, succulents, and hydrangeas, as they symbolize friendship and loyalty.

Filler flowers

To create an arrangement with natural elements, filler flowers and greenery are great ways to add color and texture. One popular filler flower is the snapdragon, which is known for its wispy petals and comes in many shades. One stem is typically adorned with about 10 unique blooms. A snapdragon’s name means “desire,” so using one in a nautical decor arrangement will be symbolic of desire.

Spray flowers

There are many different ways to display spray flowers and greenery on your tabletop and another nautical decor. Floral sprays come in festive seasonal colors and designs, or you can purchase faux naturals. Sprays are a simple and inexpensive way to add seasonal color and beauty to your tabletop or home. Whether you are creating a centerpiece or simply accentuating a room, flowers and greenery make a stylish, inexpensive addition to your nautical decor.


You can find plenty of greenery and hydrangeas to fit the theme of your nautical decor in your garden or on your deck. These hearty flowers look beautiful on their own or in a floral arrangement. If you’re decorating for the holiday season, you can even use hydrangeas as wreaths and Christmas trees. They will add texture and color to your home, and they can be used as a doorway plant.

Hydrangeas symbolize friendship

When decorating your yacht, consider adding a vase of fresh hydrangeas. The beautiful purple flowers symbolize friendship and gratitude. Purple also symbolizes pride, royalty, and leadership. White hydrangeas are more romantic and symbolize purity and grace. In addition to their traditional meaning of friendship, white hydrangeas are also traditional for wedding bouquets. Choosing the right color is crucial because hydrangeas have so many different colors.

Poms are spray flowers

If you’re thinking of decorating your home with nautical decorations, then the poms are a great choice. These beautiful flowers add color, texture, and height to your décor. They can be used in flower arrangements, wreaths, and swags. This spray flower features blue blooms with bright green leaves. These are especially popular in nautical decor, where the blue color ties into the sea. In addition to their beautiful color, they are also versatile and can be adapted to match other colors in your decor.


To decorate your yacht, incorporate alstroemeria and greenery. This tropical plant is native to South America and is widely available year-round. Commonly known as the Peruvian lily or the Lily of the Incas, alstroemeria is closely related to true lilies and Amaryllis. While most varieties have white or pink blooms, you can find them in multicolored blooms as well. Depending on your personal tastes, you can even craft pressed alstroemeria flowers using a variety of styles and designs.

Hydrangeas are a tropical flower

Hydrangeas are a popular floral choice for many nautical decorating schemes. Although most are associated with the ocean, tropical flowers can be used anywhere. Its fragrant flowers and long blooming season make it a perfect choice for a nautical theme. They grow to three to six feet tall and equally wide. The leaves of hydrangeas are medium green and are four to eight inches long with serrated edges. Despite their glam nature, these plants do not look overbearing or crowded.

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