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What Kind of Finish Should You Apply to Rustic Oak Furniture?

Whether you have just purchased rustic oak furniture or are just looking to give it a new look, the question of what kind of finish to apply to the wood is a common one. The various types of finishes include Danish oil, Tung oil, and Shellac. Read on to discover the pros and cons of each one. When selecting rustic oak furniture for your home, make sure that it matches your personal style and design preferences.


When choosing the right outdoor furniture for your home, the teak finish is a smart choice. This finish is highly resistant to warping, rot, and insect infestation. Unlike other woods, teak can withstand the elements, allowing your outdoor furniture to withstand countless years of use. A teak finish also prevents rust from forming on metal, which can help keep your outdoor furniture looking good for many years.

Tung oil

One option for a Tung oil finish on rustic oak furniture is the use of linseed oil. This natural oil is extracted from plants and doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. The oil penetrates the grain of the wood, protecting it from scratches, changes in humidity, and water. Linseed oil doesn’t create a film over the wood, so it’s safe to use on both interior and exterior pieces of oak furniture.

Danish oil

Applying a Danish oil finish to rustic oak furniture is a great way to protect it while leaving it with a natural look. Danish oil is a mix of varnish, oil, and thinner that brings out the beauty of the wood while providing additional protection over a plain oil finish. It takes about 15 minutes for a single coat of Danish oil to soak into the wood, but a thick layer of Danish oil will create a protective barrier that can last for years.


A quick and easy way to give your rustic oak furniture a shiny, new look is to apply a shellac finish. This coating is quick-drying and easy to apply with a brush or cotton rag. The best way to apply shellac is to make several layers, with a thinner layer being better for the wood. The first layer will seal the wood, while the second coat will provide enough body for light sanding.

Clear varnish

Whether you’re looking to protect your new piece of rustic oak furniture or simply want it to look great, a clear varnish is the answer. Its durability, hardness, and UV protection will ensure that your furniture will last for many years. You can also choose between two different types of finishes: wipe-on finishes and spray-on ones. Oil finishes are easy to find and apply, and they soak into the wood well, which makes it easy to rejuvenate your pieces later on. Wipe-on varnishes are best for beginners because they can be applied in multiple coats, and you can control the sheen.


Before applying a polyurethane finish to rustic oak furniture, it is important to know how to apply the material. Applying the finish is easier than it may seem, but if you’re not sure what technique to use, here are some tips:

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