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What Kind of Fabric Should Be Used in Coastal Decor?

When selecting fabric for coastal decor, performance fabrics, natural materials, patterns, and slipcovers are all excellent choices. There are many benefits to using these materials in your home decor. Read on to learn more. Listed below are some of the pros and cons of using these fabrics in coastal decor. We hope these tips make it easier for you to decide which fabric is best for your coastal decor. You can also browse other coastal decor articles to get more ideas.

Performance fabrics

If you love the look of coastal decor, you’ll want to consider using performance fabrics in your home. These fabrics are ideal for use in any room, but they are particularly useful in Florida. Many coastal decor clients choose light colors and materials to coordinate with the surrounding coastal lifestyle. Light-colored fabrics and durable materials are important when choosing coastal decor furniture. They are also ideal for outdoor furniture, such as wicker or canvas-wrapped pieces.

Natural materials

When it comes to the decor of your home, natural materials are the way to go. These materials come from nature and are biodegradable. Wood, for example, is commonly treated with chemical dyes and sealants. Researching materials to use in your home is a great way to live sustainably. Fiber-based natural materials are often woven into furniture or home decor, giving the room a light texture and feel. This material also lends a rustic, earthy feel to a home.


Classic stripes are a must-have for coastal home decor. The classic look pairs perfectly with modern furniture. Modern versions of the classic pattern give it a fresh twist with a more contemporary appeal. To make your coastal home unique, add a striking light fixture. Patterns of nautical or sea life, such as paisley and stripes, are also appropriate choices. If you’d like to add a twist to your coastal decor, try mixing and matching these motifs and stripes.


In a coastal decor style, slip-covered seating is an essential piece of furniture. These covers are inviting and extremely comfortable, and they are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. When purchasing slip-covered seating, consider the type of fabric you want. Many slipcover fabrics are available for both sofas and chairs, and they can be purchased for as little as a few dollars. For added comfort, consider a slip-covered sleeper sofa to make your coastal decor complete.

Maritime prints

Coastal decor is often inspired by the sea and has many practical applications as well. You can choose decorative pieces such as octopus hooks or cabinets with seahorse knobs, or fish-shaped bookends. Maritime prints and other nautical designs also make great additions to coastal decor. You can also find nautical prints with anchors, ropes, and steering wheels. This type of decor looks especially good in a lake house or coastal retreat.

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