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What Is Western Style Furniture?

If you want to decorate your home in the Western style, there are several things to keep in mind. For one thing, Western-style furniture is meant to last for many generations. Unlike other styles of furniture, it lacks the design flourishes that make them so enticing to look at. It also provides warmth and a comfortable feeling in your home. This style of furniture is ideal for people who value craftsmanship and quality materials.

Animal-themed furniture

The western style uses the animals that we live in to decorate our homes. These materials include cowhide rugs, leather furniture, mounted game, and upholstery. They are both durable and luxurious and reinforce the idea that nature is an integral part of western culture. For example, a leather Parsons desk will fit seamlessly into a neutral color scheme, while a snakeskin print on the chair will add a splash of color.


The natural look of the western style is enhanced by wood furniture. Wood tables don’t need layers of finish, and look rustic and earthy. Rocking chairs that have been handed down in the family complement the look. You can also use cowhide rugs in your room. You can purchase many types of cowhide rugs to match the theme of your room. You may also want to purchase cowhide wall hangings.


The stone is a very versatile piece of furniture that can be crafted and customized in many ways. You can obtain the recipes for this stone from a Normal villager or from the Message in a bottle. There are five variations of this item and you will need six customization kits to make them all. You will also need x30 stones to make all variations. However, you do not need to craft all five types to customize your stone.

Nailhead trim

Many western designers incorporate nailhead trim on their pieces to create a finished look. Nailheads are usually found on chairs, sofas, ottomans, tables, and headboards. Nailhead accents can also be seen on barstools. This adornment brings a timeless style to a room. The traditional look of western furniture is now a popular choice for modern home decor. But how does nailhead trim fit into your decor?

Navaho rugs

The popularity of Navajo rugs grew in the early 1900s. Originally woven by the Native Americans, these rugs featured motifs derived from oriental rugs. These patterns were filtered through the Navajos’ cultural sensibilities and personal design preferences. In addition to this, they featured vibrant colors and contrasting designs. Using this method of dyeing, Navajo rugs quickly gained national attention.

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