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What Is the Net Profit Margin for Lott Furniture in Fernandina Beach?

What is the net profit margin for Lott Furniture in Fernandina? This question has many answers. The majority of retailers in Fernandina Beach are under three percent. But there are some exceptions. If you’re shopping at Lott in Fernandina Beach, the margin is about 2.8 percent. Here are some of the things to look for in a margin that’s right for you.

31.9 percent

The family-owned business has been furnishing homes in North and South Florida since 1947. Originally a GE appliance store, it has since expanded into a complete home furnishings store. Jack E. Lott, who joined his father’s business in 1974, became President and CEO. He was joined by his wife, Laura Lott Harris, in 2007. The Fernandina Beach location continues to be one of the most popular furniture stores in Florida, and its reputation for value and quality is based on that reputation.

2.8 percent

For over 73 years, the Lott family has been furnishing homes in North Florida and South Georgia. Originally a GE appliance store, Lott’s expanded into home furnishings. Jack E. Lott joined the family business in 1974, eventually becoming President and CEO. His daughter, Laura Lott Harris, joined the company in 2007. The Fernandina Beach location is located in Historic Fernandina Beach, FL.

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