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What is the Most Popular Rustic Decor?

If you are looking to make your home look more rustic, then you can start by using some bank-covered planters. They are both beautiful and functional. Also, wood slices with bark around the edges make excellent projects and crafts. You can make rustic garland and even a wind chime out of them. The possibilities are endless. Listed below are some tips to make your home look rustic. Just keep reading to discover the best rustic decor pieces for your home.


There are many rustic styles and types of furniture available. This style is known for its raw materials, rough edges, and natural colors. Most of this type of furniture is large and crafted from natural materials, such as wood or driftwood. Rustic furnishings are generally comfortable and relaxed and work well in everyday living spaces, vacation homes, or even suburban tract houses. For more information on rustic-style furniture, visit the Wood.org website or follow us on social media.


When choosing your rustic decor, think of rustic furniture made from cowhide. The beautiful colors and designs of this natural material lend themselves to a rustic design, and you can put it in several different rooms of your home. In fact, you can even use it as a floor covering if you don’t have hardwood floors. In addition, cowhide rugs look beautiful on hardwood floors, and they are very comfortable to sit on.


If you’re looking for a rustic accent, you can’t go wrong with metal. This style combines natural elements such as wood and stone with a distressed style. Whether you want to add a few pieces to your entryway or create a more elaborate wall art scheme, rustic metal decor is a great way to accomplish your goals. There are many styles and designs to choose from, and you can find several that match your home’s style and personality.


For the most relaxed, laid-back look, add elements from nature, including cowhide. Look at holiday home photos and you’ll notice that rustic-style furnishings often feature cowhide. Whether your style is bohemian, western, or somewhere in between, cowhide is here to stay. The trend toward natural isn’t just confined to western homes, either. Cowhide is also becoming popular as a material for modern homes, so you can incorporate it into a chic, eclectic space.

Church cathedral window panes

Using antique church window panes on your walls can create a very classic look. You can hang them as a single set or a wall grouping. The distressed finish makes them look very old and rustic. Hang them with a small wreath on the top to add a festive touch. If you’re decorating your main living space or bedroom, church cathedral window panes will look great.

Sliding barn doors

Barn doors are an excellent choice for tight spaces. They are often painted to match the rest of the room and preserve valuable bedroom space. You can also choose to paint your sliding barn door hardware a matching color. There is no need to match everything, however. Consider matching the sliding barn door hardware with a single accent. For instance, a bold piece of furniture might go well with a wood-lined fireplace. When done correctly, two matching pieces will create cohesion throughout the room.

Stained glass

If you are considering adding a rustic decor feature to your home, you are not alone. There are countless styles of rustic lighting to choose from, including a variety of chandeliers with stained glass. This type of lighting will add a touch of beauty and a sense of coziness to your home. You don’t have to buy expensive lighting fixtures to create a rustic decor style, either. You can purchase repurposed items to add a rustic look to your home. You can even use milk crates for benches and desks or turn them into spice racks. Likewise, you can make use of old bottle crates to add rustic accents to your shelves and bookshelves.

Found objects

If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of nature to your home, consider adding found objects to your décor. The use of wood, metal, and other found objects adds a unique rustic feel to your decor. Bank-covered planters and wood slices with bark on the edges are excellent options for crafts and beautiful projects. You can even use wood slices to create a rustic garland. You can even make a wind chime from them!

Wood beams

White walls make the perfect base for rustic decor. Whitewashed wood in various forms will add a rustic feel to any room. Wood beams, often in the form of huge, chunky beams, evoke nature’s beauty. Incorporating wood beams into a room’s ceiling will add character to any room. Wood beams can add a country feel to any room while also adding a warm, welcoming feeling.

Wood ledge shelves

Wood ledge shelves are an attractive way to add rustic charm to your home. This style celebrates natural imperfections in wood and design, and it’s very easy to make your own rustic shelves. For a rustic look, you can use reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is perfect for this look because it has a unique patina. If you’d like to try this DIY project, check out Thewoodgraincottage.com for a list of materials and instructions.

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