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What Is the Figure Surrounding the Yei on Navajo Rugs?

If you have ever seen a Navajo rug, you may be wondering: what is the figure surrounding the yei? This article will explore how the weavers of this culture combined multiple elements to create pleasing designs. You’ll also learn about how the rugs show ceremonial sandpaintings and what their religious significance is. Continue reading to learn more!

Navajo weavers combined multiple elements into pleasing designs

While Navajo textiles were traditionally woven for use by the tribe’s own members, they were also sold in modest numbers to outsiders. As a result, Navajo textiles have not received the recognition they deserve, but their unique style and aesthetic are sure to continue to inspire and captivate many people today. Navajo weavers used multiple elements to create designs that were both colorful and pleasing.

Navajo rugs depict birds

The Yei, a Navajo term for the gods, is often featured on Navajo rugs. These sacred people speak with the Navajo gods through the language they speak. They are often depicted with rattles and cornstalks. While the Yes were often portrayed face-forward, some rugs feature them in profile, such as the Shiprock Yeibichai Rug.

Navajo rugs show ceremonial sandpaintings

Unlike the sand paintings on a modern paisley rug, Navajo rugs are created by women of today. These finely woven rugs are vibrant with desert rainbow colors. Their energy and vibrancy are barely contained. Navajos are known for their rich spiritual tradition. They practice the hate religion, which involves elaborate sandpaintings and songs calling upon the Holy People.

Navajo rugs have religious significance

Sacred Navajo emblems are often represented in Navajo rugs. These symbols predate World War II. They are in the form of a cross with ninety-degree notches and were all but forgotten by Navajo artists. The rug depicted in this museum show has this symbol for good luck. The rugs are believed to reflect the Navajo belief in balance, harmony, and order.

Navajo rugs are popular today

The figure surrounding the Yei has long been associated with the Navajo culture. The design is a representation of the Navajo spirit. It is said to ward off evil spirits and protect the wearer from harm. The whirling log is an element of safety and a common motif in Navajo weavings. The figure is often depicted as a woman in traditional designs. The figure’s appearance in a Navajo rug is the result of an esoteric myth, which dates to the Navajo people’s origin.

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