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What Is the Difference Between Southwestern and Mexican Decor?

If you’re considering putting southwestern decor in your home, you may wonder what’s the difference between Mexican and Navajo styles. This article will answer your questions about these two styles of decor. You might also want to explore the different aspects of the Pueblo and Aztec cultures. These are all great options for your home decor, but how do you choose the right style?


The basic difference between Navajo and Mexican decor is the use of woven textiles. Navajo blankets, for example, are traditionally woven on primitive hand-operated looms. These looms were invented by the Pueblo people, who had been subject to Spanish rule for more than a century. During the 1680 Pueblo Revolt, many of the Puebloans fled to Navajo homes for refuge, where they passed down their skills to their descendants. In fact, some sources say that the Navajos had already learned to weave half a century before the Pueblos.

The Navajo people grew corn, squash, and beans, which they used to make traditional “Three Sisters” art. From Spanish settlers, they also adopted sheep as a source of food and fibers for textiles. Navajo women began weaving wool into blankets and clothing and weaving it into art. Their traditional artworks are often depicted on Navajo pottery.


Southwestern decor incorporates bright colors and patterns. It typically contrasts with dark wood. Decorative tin wall mirrors and leather seating are common in Southwestern Mexican decor. Pottery and baskets in wonderful patterns add additional flavor to this style. A typical Mexican country decor also features earth tones. A room decorated in this style will look like a place where a Mexican would live. Depending on the style of your home, you can mix and match Mexican and Southwestern elements to make your own unique home.

The color palette in southwestern decor is earthy and bright, reminiscent of the desert. Pottery with a southwest theme is commonly made of clay or painted. You can incorporate blanket ladders to create a southwestern atmosphere outdoors. Tabletop fountains add to the look both indoors and outdoors. Sun-shaped clay figures and rawhide cow skins can also be used in a southwestern decor scheme. Whether you’re a fan of southwestern style or Mexican decor, greenery is essential for any environment. Plants calm the mind and promote a sense of comfort.


If you want to have a unique decor theme for your home, Aztec style is an ideal choice. Often referred to as “southwestern-mexican,” it’s characterized by colorful, rustic patterns and a tribal vibe. If you’re unsure of the differences between southwestern and Mexican decor, you can visit Spoonflower and check out their unique designs. This online fabric and wallpaper store features artwork by independent artists and helps support the work of talented people.

Southwestern style incorporates vivid colors from the southwest region and often depicts native people, animals, and fauna. Cacti, geckos, and coyotes are common images in southwestern decor. Pueblo and Aztec patterns are found in many textiles. These pieces may include baskets and pottery, woven wall hangings, and even iron sculpture. If you want to create an Aztec-inspired design for your home, you may want to incorporate several items from this style.

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