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What is the Difference Between Coastal and Tropical Decor?

A classic example of coastal decor is slipcovered furniture. While slipcovered furniture is a staple of coastal style, contemporary homes should feature sleek silhouettes and modern lines. Slip-covered pieces can be balanced by a striking light fixture or a sleek, modern-looking sofa. Coastal-inspired home interiors should avoid patterns that depict marine life, fish, paisley, or nautical themes. Instead, use light colors and clean, modern silhouettes.

Coastal decor is light

Coastal decor is a very casual look and focuses on natural elements. It can be made with actual items or decorative elements that mimic real items. For example, a DIY glass vase filled with the best seashells and sand will look great in the coastal style. The coastal decor also lends itself well to natural light. Light colors and patterns are best for coastal decor. It doesn’t have to be too shabby or kitschy.

Tropical decor is bohemian

If you have a tropical theme in mind, then tropical decor is definitely for you. This style is known for its colorful, eclectic pieces and emphasis on variety. You can make your home look bohemian by adding tropical accents to the room. You can also incorporate a tropical-inspired look into your interior design style by using colorful wall decor. Colorful wallpaper with animal prints can make a statement. You can also hang a whimsical garland to add some extra oomph.

Nautical decor is nautical

The ambiance of the high seas is the ultimate inspiration for nautical decor. The vast blue ocean and its white vessels will inspire your design choices. Dark blue and crisp white are the two primary colors of nautical decor. The two colors are so classic, they can be used together or separately. This design can be modern or relaxed, depending on the desired effect. You can use salvaged items from old ships to decorate your home, from ship parts to rope pulleys.

The island-inspired decor is bohemian

Bohemian design is a style of decor that embraces global and cultural influences. Look for bohemian accents like woven baskets from around the world and colorful juju hats. You’ll also find colorful hand-carved wooden side tables and upholstered benches. You can also incorporate colorful textiles and artwork. The bohemian look isn’t sterile or too bright.

Natural textures are used

Coastal and tropical decor use natural fibers and woven textures. Rattan furniture and wicker baskets mimic the feel of sand and sea. Natural fibers like jute, seagrass, and sisal bring the outdoors inside. Natural materials such as these are durable and work well in almost any space. A few other elements that add to the coastal feel include palm fronds, swaying leaves, and other tropical foliage.

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