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What is the difference between a Brazilian Cowhide Rug and a 100% European Cowhide Rug?

There are several differences between a Brazilian cowhide rug and a 100% European cowhide rug. While the former may have a more luxurious appeal, the European version is more affordable. However, you’ll still have to pay a higher price. So, how do you make the right decision? Read on for more information. Besides the differences in style, you should also be aware of the size. Cowhide rugs are available in various sizes, so it’s vital to know your requirements before deciding which one to purchase.

Handwoven vs flatweave

A cowhide rug is made from calfskin. The typical size of cowhide rugs is 45-55 cm/18-22 inches. There are two grades of cowhide: full-grain and top-grain. The full-grain style features the most natural look and durability, while top-grain cowhide rugs have been sanded and steam-treated to add a thin artificial top layer (1.3-1.8 mm).

Full-grain vs top-grain

If you’re looking for a stylish yet durable rug, a cowhide rug may be right for you. Cowhide is made from calfskin, and most rugs are 45 to 55 cm (18 to 22 inches) in diameter. There are two grades of cowhide rugs available, full-grain and top-grain. The full-grain variety has not been processed and retains the natural look and durability of the skin. Top-grain cowhide rugs are sanded and steam-treated and have an artificial top layer (1.3 to 1.8 mm).

Brazilian vs European

When shopping for a cowhide rug, you’ll be faced with a choice: Brazilian or European. While they are both high-quality, Brazilian rugs tend to be more expensive than European ones. While both countries produce cowhide, the Brazilian hide is known for its quality, and the tanning process used to create it is of a high standard. However, some European rugs are thinner and less supple than their Brazilian counterparts. Fortunately, both types of cowhide rugs have their advantages.

Prices of cowhide rugs

When it comes to cowhide rugs, Brazilian ones are more durable than European ones. Brazilian cows are bigger, stronger, and able to withstand processing and tanning. Their hides are also more versatile, meaning that you can use them in just about any room of your house. But if you’re looking for the most unique cowhide rug for your home, you may want to consider a Brazilian one.

Durability of cowhide

Whether you’re looking for an elegant rug for your living room, bedroom, or hallway, a European cowhide rug is an excellent choice. This classic style has a timeless elegance, and its durability is unmatched. In addition to being easy to clean, cowhide rugs are also extremely durable, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. However, they are not perfect for every room. If you’re not sure which style is right for your home, here are some tips to help you decide which one is best.

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