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What Is the Best Floor to Pair With 17 Century Swedish Furniture for a Beach House?

If you’re planning to renovate a 17th-century Scandinavian beach house, you might be wondering what type of floor to choose. There are several options available, including hardwood, tile, and vinyl plank flooring. Read on to find out which ones are best for your style and budget. Alternatively, you may prefer a more modern look and opt for modern mood lighting instead.

Tile flooring

When designing a beach house, you have to consider the floor material. Solid wood may be too sensitive to high humidity, but you can go for engineered hardwood, which is water-resistant and durable. These floors come in panels, sheets, or tiles. Luxury vinyl flooring is among the most affordable floor options for a beach house. It’s also easier to maintain and can replicate other flooring styles without the risk of warping or splintering.

Adding tile flooring will give your beach house a classic yet modern look. The tile is easy to clean and feels cool to the touch. Plus, the variety of colors and shapes makes it easy to find the perfect match. Tile flooring also holds up well to moisture, so it’s an excellent choice for a beach house. A tiled floor also helps you make the room feel more spacious.

Vinyl plank flooring

If you have 17th-century Swedish furniture in your beach house, you can match vinyl plank flooring. While cheap vinyl can show up subfloor imperfections, most of the best brands come with built-in underlayments. If you already have a floor, you can even use a cork underlayment to lay vinyl plank over it. This will protect your existing floor and make installation easier.

Installing vinyl flooring is a relatively easy task, but you must be careful. It can be frustrating if you accidentally cut off corners or undercut doorways. Before you start, take some time to determine the layout of the room. Professional installers will recommend that you buy extra material to prevent any problems. If you do choose to do it yourself, it is essential to lay out the flooring in advance so that there are no surprises once installation begins.

Wood flooring

There are several ways to pair 17 Century Swedish furniture with your beach house. For example, you could go for a floor made of reclaimed wood or bleached wood. Either way, you’ll definitely want to have wood flooring in your beach house. It’s a long-lasting floor choice that’s sure to keep you happy for many years to come.

For a more modern look, you can choose tile flooring. It can give your beach house an old-world feel and is easy to clean. It’s made up of a series of composite layers that fuse together and look like wood. The beauty of these flooring options is their versatility and affordability. They can withstand sand, moisture, and fading, while still giving your beach house a timeless, comfortable feel.

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