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What Is Stronger – Horsehide Or Cow Hide?

If you are considering purchasing a leather jacket, you may be wondering what is stronger – horsehide or cowhide? These two types of hiding are both high-quality, durable, and high performing. Read this article to find out more about these two types of hides and how to determine which is better for your needs. You’ll be glad you did! Also, don’t forget to check out our other articles on goatskin and cordovan leather!

Horsehide leather

Although the leather made from cows is denser and thicker than that of horses, horsehide is not as durable as cowhide. Until the 1930s, horsehide was the material of choice. Its dense nature and resistance to abrasion made it a desirable material for leather goods. Unfortunately, horsehide does not dye evenly. This resulted in slight color variations. Nonetheless, these markings add to the natural beauty of horsehide.

The strongest advantage of horsehide over cowhide is its durability. It is much stronger than cowhide and is more resistant to moisture. Because the horsehide grain is more uneven, it ages differently than cowhide. This makes it an excellent material for use in holsters for concealed carry. Horsehide also holds up better to outdoor wear and contact with moisture. It is recommended to store horse leather in cool places during hot weather.

Goatskin leather

Goatskin leather is a durable material, exhibiting characteristics similar to deerskin. This leather is also flexible and soft and has an intriguing textured surface. It serves a functional purpose and is a superior choice for many products, including shoes, bags, apparel, and luggage. In fact, 95% of the leather used for apparel worldwide is made from goatskin. But what makes goatskin leather unique?

Goatskin leather is stronger than either cow or horse hide and is relatively inexpensive. It is water and abrasion-resistant, and ages beautifully. It is more durable than cow leather and is used for clothes, book covers, gloves, and shoes. Although a tougher and more expensive material than cow or horse hide, goat leather is beautiful, supple, and affordable.

Cordovan leather

The tanning process for Cordovan leather can take up to six months and dozens of steps. Some tanneries use chrome tanning, but vegetable tanners tend to give the leather a softer feel and increased heat resistance. Cordovan leather normally ranges from one to three millimeters thick and is highly polished. Its high shine and durability make it an excellent choice for dress shoes and other high-end footwear. This leather is also used for leather goods such as wallets, watch straps, and more.

While Shell Cordovan leather is the most durable type of cow or horse hide, it is also the most expensive. This type of leather comes from the hindquarters of a horse and is made from the fibrous connective tissues under the horse’s rump. Because of its flat and elastic structure, Shell Cordovan leather is extremely durable. However, it is rarer than cow and horse hide, so you should expect to pay more for it.

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