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What Is Split Cow Hide Leather?

You might be wondering, what is split cowhide leather. If you are not familiar with the term, the whole hide is thick and cut into layers, depending on its intended use. The main layers of cowhide are the grain part at the top, the dermal layer at the bottom, and the Corium layer in the middle. The main difference between these layers is the position of collagen fibers, which are structural proteins of connective tissue. In general, the more vertical the collagen fibers, the more durable the leather.

Full grain leather

The top layer of full-grain cowhide leather is the most expensive. Split leather is often thinner and less durable, but is still a good choice for high-quality items. Split leather can also be textured and finished with stamping textures. Split cowhide leather can also be called “corrected grain,” meaning it is thinner than full-grain leather. It’s still appropriate for high-end items, but the quality is compromised because the top layer of the hide is affected.

The difference between top-grain and full-grain leather lies in the way they’re processed. Full-grain leather hasn’t been buffed or sanded to remove any marks, making it harder to work with. However, full-grain leather will last longer and retain its natural beauty. Top-grain leather is the second-highest-quality type and is primarily used in handbags. Split leather is separated by splitting it.

Corrected grain leather

Correct grain cowhide leather is a type of leather that contains imperfections and other defects but retains its original appearance. This type of leather may contain insect bites, scarring, and other marks, but it has a soft, smooth feel and applies minimal pigment and dye. Corrected grain leather may be embossed with artificial grains and is available in a wider variety of colors and patterns. This type of leather is easy to clean and maintain. Some types of leather tanning processes have been criticized as being unnatural, but they are a great alternative to pure ANIline leather.

Corrected grain split cowhide leather is made of the top layer of a cow’s hide. When tanneries make this type of leather, they remove the defects and make small repairs in certain areas. However, large manufacturers can’t tolerate the cosmetic variations of top-grain leather, so they opt for correct-grain cowhide leather instead. The result is leather that is consistent in appearance and high quality.

Split cowhide leather

If you’re considering using split cowhide leather for your next bag, you’ll want to pay attention to its thickness and how it is finished. Split cowhide leather is less durable and does not have the same tight fiber structure as top-grain leather. However, there are ways to improve the appearance of split leather. Read on to learn more about this leather type and its benefits. To get started, visit Zatchels and start browsing their selection of handmade leather bags and satchels.

Split cowhide leather comes from the underlying layer of the cow’s skin. It is produced by running a wet hide through a splitter. Each split may have two or more layers. The top section contains the outer layer of the hide and displays the species and life experiences of the animal. The lower portion of the hide may have deeper injuries that cannot be seen. Regardless of thickness, split cowhide leather is suitable for decorative applications, including quilting and embroideries.


Suede is a high-quality leather made from the underside of animal hide. Its soft, flowing texture makes it popular for fashion items. While suede is often made from lambskin, it can also be made from goats, pigs, calves, or deer. It is much thinner than full-grain leather, so proper care is important. Listed below are some tips to help you take good care of suede.

Split cowhide leather is split and usually consists of two rough sides. The top layer of the grain side is densely woven and tear-resistant. This split cowhide leather is a better choice for boots and other leather products. Although split leather can be cheap, its durability and suppleness make it a good choice for clothing and shoes. It is usually aniline dyed, buffed, and used in the garment, shoe, and handbag industries.

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