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What is Rustic Style Home Decor?

A common element in rustic style home decor is the hair-on-hides, a byproduct of the beef industry. Wood is another beautiful component of rustic decor, but it can be heavy without enough light. White furnishings can help lighten the decor without sacrificing the rustic look. Listed below are some tips for incorporating rustic style into your home. If you’re not sure what style you want, read on for more tips.

Natural materials

A rustic design is one that favors natural materials. Synthetic materials, such as leather and plastic, are not appropriate. Reclaimed wood and animal hides are both acceptable. A rustic-style sofa with dark natural leather is one example. You can find similar sofas at different retailers. This style is reminiscent of the old-fashioned farmhouse. In addition to natural materials, the rustic home decor also features handmade objects.


Handmade rustic style home decor ideas often feature natural materials, such as a framed wooden board and bank-covered planters. You can even use wood slices with bark on the edges to create beautiful projects. If you don’t have any wood slices lying around, you can use a wood-burning tool to etch a phrase or simple shape into a slice of wood. A simple wooden frame with a burlap bow adorned with a rustic design will be the perfect accent for any room in your home.

An eclectic mix of items

If you love the outdoors and history, the rustic style is perfect for your home. Although it is often associated with rural areas, rustic elements can be incorporated into just about any type of home decor. Use reclaimed wood or petrified wood, and you’ll have a wonderful rustic atmosphere. Another great way to achieve the look is to purchase repurposed furniture and furnishings. Be sure to choose fabrics with texture and layers to bring the pieces together.

The balance between undone and curated

The perfect rustic home is one that embodies a timeless, undone style. This look is trend-free and full of natural materials, like driftwood, reclaimed wood, and raw fabrics. A balance between the two can be achieved with care. A rustic interior can be a welcoming place to spend time with friends and family while still expressing a sophisticated and modern style. Adding color to the decor can make it more interesting and inviting.

Neutral color palette

If you’re going for a rustic look, consider painting your home with neutral colors. They’ll complement your walls and provide texture in any space. Neutral colors also work well with wood, which is a classic element in rustic-style home decor. Its two-toned effect creates both a traditional and modern vibe. Consider the time of day, the position of the sun, and the season when deciding on a color scheme.


Deer antlers can be used in several ways, from hanging on a coat rack to creating a unique towel rail. They are naturally acquired by deer, so you don’t need to worry about hurting the deer when you use them. And you can use them in many ways – here are some great ideas. Listed below are a few of the many ways to use deer antlers as rustic home decor:

Weatherized hardware

Adding weathered hardware to your rustic-style home decor is an easy way to give it an aged look. Choose hardware that features distressed wood or a matte black finish. If your furniture has an aged look, use soft leather and throws to add warmth. Plaid patterns can also add color to your space. Weatherized hardware is inexpensive and easily available in many home improvement stores. These pieces are perfect for any room.

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