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What Is Rustic Farmhouse Decor?

If you are wondering what exactly is rustic farmhouse decor, you have come to the right place. Rustic decor is characterized by reclaimed wood and antique furnishings. It is often organic, aged, and sometimes even distressed. Repurposed elements are another popular way to achieve this look. Reclaimed wood also makes for an appealing addition to farmhouse decor. Here are some tips to make your house feel like a hive of activity!

Antique farmhouse decor

A perfect way to add rustic charm to a home is to decorate it with antique farmhouse decor. Farmhouse decor is warm, cozy, and inviting. It can make anyone feel at home instantly. With its classic style and high-quality materials, it’s easy to find a variety of farmhouse decor items that fit into any home’s aesthetic. Read on for ideas. Here are a few ways to add rustic flair to your home. Let us help you make it feel like a true farmhouse!

Natural, aged, organic, and maybe even distressed

This style is characterized by exposed beams and joints. The look calls for more substantial furniture and supporting elements. Many items in this style are made from recycled materials and feature distressed finishes. A few years ago, tripod-style planters were on-trend. If you’re looking for a more modern farmhouse look, consider mixing in a vintage-style clock. In the bedroom, distressed-style side tables or consoles will compliment your new bed frame. For media storage, try finding rustic-style media units in neutral shades.

Repurposed elements

Repurposed elements are an important part of the rustic farmhouse style. Instead of purchasing furniture and decorative accents that already have a history, use pieces that are no longer in use and make them look antique. For instance, an old wooden crate turned into a plant stand works wonderfully in this style. Another great way to incorporate repurposed wood is to create floating wall shelves with reclaimed wood in various shades.

Repurposed wood

Repurposed wood is a great way to add a warm, natural element to your home. A variety of finishes, including distressed, reclaimed, and antique, are available to fit your specific decor style. To get started, you can visit the Salvage Design Center in your area. A helpful staff member will provide information on where to find the supplies you need. A&S Reclaimed Wood offers a wide range of finishes.


The bedroom is the most private room in your house, so it should be as beautiful, inspiring, and relaxing as possible. After all, no one likes to go to bed in a drab room! The beadboard provides a unique texture and style to the room. It is also particularly appropriate for bedrooms under eaves or with slanted walls. You can add it to your walls, ceiling, and cabinets for a farmhouse look.

Beadboard walls

Beadboard walls are a classic element of rustic farmhouse decor. They give your bathroom a clean, lined look. Traditionally, beadboard was installed for insulation, but today it is a decorative feature. Unlike shiplap, which has horizontal lines and thicker boards, beadboard is less pronounced and more subtle. Whether your bathroom or kitchen is big or small, beadboard is an excellent choice.

Beadboard ceilings

You can easily create a beautiful look in your home by installing beadboard ceilings. The beadboard is available in a variety of sizes, cuts, and finishes. Adding this style to your home will give your interior a rustic, farmhouse feel while making your space look more cozy and lived-in. The following are some decorating ideas that use beadboard on ceilings. Here are a few inspirations.

Beadboard cabinets

Beadboard cabinets add a rustic, country feel to any kitchen. Originally, beadboard was just a single strip of wood that fit together with a tongue and groove. These days, beadboard is more commonly sold in panels, which makes installation easier and cheaper. You can also install beadboard from floor to ceiling as a wainscoting accent. If you want a more modern look for your rustic farmhouse decor, you can remove your cabinet doors and pulls and install beadboard on the sides. Be sure to take off all hardware and use a woodworking drill, though, to ensure you don’t damage the wood.

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