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What is Nautical Decor?

If you’re looking to decorate your home with a nautical style, it’s important to know what makes nautical decor so appealing. There are many elements to consider, including patterns, colors, symbolism, and style. Keep these things in mind when choosing your nautical decor and make it as unique as possible. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can start looking for pieces of art and accents to add to your home.


If you’re trying to incorporate a nautical decor theme into your home, you’ll want to think about what color scheme you should use. Traditional blue and white colors are classic, but bright colors can also look great. You can also use more quirky wall art. Try pairing blue and white with yellow, green, and orange to create a sophisticated nautical look. However, it’s important to remember that you can still add colors to your nautical decor without going overboard.

Natural light is essential for a nautical design, and LED lights are great for this. They come in many different color temperatures and last longer than traditional light bulbs. Drop ceiling lighting or cove lighting can add a bright glow to a space. Use chic pendant lights to draw attention to prized decor pieces. If you don’t have enough light, use a diffuser. Or, use a small chandelier to highlight special pieces of decor.


The seaside style adds class and comfort to your home. Patterned pieces, such as pillows and towels, can be used to add color and pattern to your room. Stencils make decorating fun and easy. Try the Starfish Allover stencil for your child’s room. This stencil includes a FREE Small Single Starfish stencil. Using stencils can save you time and money when decorating. The stencils come with detailed instructions for use.

While stripes are a traditional staple of nautical decor, they can be used in subtle ways, too. Try accenting your room with stripes and other patterns on a large scale, like a striped wall or an accent wall. If you’re trying to achieve a beachy look, try a bed with a four-poster and a set of matching seagrass chairs for visual interest. You can even use the sleeping nook as a reading nook for a more relaxing beach-life vibe.


There are several ways to incorporate symbolism into the nautical decor. Many of these traditions are closely linked with seafaring. The nautical star was a popular symbol among sailors and sailor-worshippers, who looked to the star as a good luck charm, navigating the dangerous open waters, and guiding themselves home. Today, nautical star symbolism holds a deeper meaning, representing good fortune and guidance.

The ship’s wheel, for example, represents navigation, independence, and goal-setting. The helmsman must stay on course no matter how rough the seas become. Moreover, a steady wheel is a must to remain on course. Symbolism in nautical decor is an excellent way to incorporate these themes into the nautical decor. A ship’s wheel in nautical decor will entice nautical enthusiasts to get a ship’s wheel.


The style of nautical decor incorporates a seaside feel and is charming yet relaxed. Decorative items include rope, anchors, and sea-themed prints. It also uses natural materials such as reclaimed wood and no synthetic materials. The focal point in the room can be a ship’s anchor, a large steering wheel, or a telescope. Accessories should also be natural materials such as rope, wood, and metal. Added accents can include colorful prints and large, shabby-chic rugs.

Natural colors are the trademark of nautical decor, which includes neutral tones from the sea and sand. You can also incorporate bright shades from the sea or seacraft like the racing blue of a yacht. The style is also known to incorporate sustainable elements, which are increasingly important as we move into the year 2021. Aside from using natural materials, the nautical decor also incorporates elements of industrial design. For example, a nautical-themed room can incorporate nautical art or a rope clock.

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