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What Is Montana Leather?

If you’re wondering, “What is Montana leather?” you’re not alone. There are many types of cow or horse hide, each with its own unique characteristics. The cow/steerhide is split into two parts, a horse front, and a strip. The horsehide is tanned with or without chrome. The strip is thicker than the front and may weigh from four to ten ounces. It is used for a variety of applications.

Butt leather

There are several types of butt leather, each with its own unique characteristics. The most expensive and high-end varieties are made from Shell Cordovan, which is a thick, fibrous membrane that comes from a horse’s butt. The name “Shell Cordovan” is derived from the city of Cordoba, Spain. Other more affordable but high-quality options include bridle leather, calfskin, or tanner’s leather.

Cordovan leather

The process of producing Cordovan leather is quite laborious and takes at least six months. During this time, the leather goes through over 100 processes to create its desired characteristics. Nowadays, there are only a handful of tanneries left that produce genuine Cordovan leather. For example, the Horween company produces genuine Shell Cordovan leather from salted horse hides that are imported from France.

Split grain leather

Split-grain leather is not the finest quality. The reason for its lower price is that it offers a consistent surface. It is also very suitable for use as a belt material. Split grain is cut from lower levels of top grain hide. The splits are a few inches below the flesh layer, and they are therefore less dense than top-grain leather. However, they still provide a durable and usable material.

Full grain leather

Cow and horse hides are cut into various pieces. The cow/steerhide is split into three parts: the confront, the strip, and the shells. These parts are tanned with or without chrome. Cowhide is the thickest and is also known as “Wet blue” leather. This leather is processed by tumbling it for hours in order to achieve a smooth, durable finish. It is then pressed and finished.

Shoulder cut leather

Shoulder-cut Montana leather is a popular choice for belts, handbags, and other accessories. This cut contains a large portion of the hide, which can then be split into several pieces. The leather in each piece will differ in quality and workability. Shoulder cut is the most common type of leather for belts. Cowhide is an excellent choice because it offers a natural color and is durable.

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