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What Is Modern Rustic Decor?

What is modern rustic decor? Generally speaking, modern rustic decor is the blending of a natural, country-style look with a contemporary edge. Embracing the charms of country living doesn’t have to mean going overboard with kitsch. Instead, embrace the fine details and accentuate finer things, such as fabrics and wood. Read on to find out more. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to make the most of the style with these helpful tips.

Natural materials

The modern rustic style focuses on the use of organic materials, including wood and other natural fabrics. Rather than using furniture made of metal and glass, consider rustic pieces made of wood, leather, or stone. Mismatched furniture adds to the rustic look, while modern pieces can be paired with rustic styles to create a balanced look. The main key to this look is balance, and you can achieve this by choosing furniture in rich hues and finishes.


The modern rustic look emphasizes varied textures. For example, you can pair glazed ceramics with coarse wood. You can also mix and match ethnic wovens in vibrant colors, ranging from boho to bold. To achieve a smooth transition between modern and rustic decor, consider incorporating tactile-rich textiles into the scheme. A modern rustic design usually features earth tones, whites, and light neutrals as color palettes, with a preference for neutrals and solids in fabric choices.


A big cabinet or credenza can be a great storage solution in modern rustic decor. Baskets are also an excellent option for hidden storage. Coffee tables and ottomans are also perfect storage options. The key is to choose items that complement the rest of the room. You can choose items from the same color family, but choose contrasting finishes. Storage furniture can be a functional addition to any room, whether it’s a small apartment or a spacious home.

Embracing rustic charm

The modern take on rustic decor has incorporated elements of industrial chic. This style brings masculine hints into the home while still embracing the rustic charm. Industrial elements can easily be incorporated into rustic modern decor by choosing the right materials. Choose materials like galvanized metal or raw cast metal for your furnishings. Tall pieces of glass will look great combined with wood. Wooden beams will add depth, charm, and contrast.

Neutral color palette

If you want to give your modern rustic decor a clean, contemporary feel, a neutral color palette is your best choice. While it might sound boring, a neutral color scheme does not necessarily have to be dull. In fact, it can be bright and cheerful! Try incorporating earthy tones like terracotta, sandstone, or olive tones into your decor. You can also opt for monochromatic decor. Gray is a great foundational color for modern rustic decor. Though white walls can provide high contrast for modern rustic decor, they can feel too sterile.

Using heirlooms

The emphasis on natural fabrics and organic materials is an important part of modern rustic decor. These items are used in a variety of pieces, including furniture. Using mismatched pieces of furniture in rustic decor lends a sense of warmth to the room. For example, a rustic rug in muted colors can be paired with modern shapes. For a more modern look, use a large rug or a woven basket to hold heirlooms or other large pieces of furniture.

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