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What is Italian Rustic Decor?

What is Italian rustic decor? Basically, it’s a style that incorporates natural materials and contrasting textures and colors. Italian rustic decor is often characterized by its use of iron, weathering steel, terracotta, and chalk paint. If you want to try this style without making the room look old, you can choose neutral colors and furniture with varying textures. If you’re still not sure what this style is all about, read on!

Natural materials

The use of natural materials in Italian rustic decor is a big part of this style. While manmade materials are often treated with chemicals to keep them looking new, natural materials are biodegradable and renewable resources. Many of these materials are often woven into furniture and decor for light texture. Many of these natural materials are available in a variety of colors and are sourced from all over the world. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Neutral color palette

Generally, Italian rustic decor is based on warm browns and earthy colors. While some elements may incorporate brighter colors, the majority of this style relies on a neutral color palette. In terms of wood, the style favors whitened wood for its light, airy look. However, it’s worth noting that some elements of Italian rustic decor will be made of more robust, dark wood.

Wood-finished furniture

Among the defining features of Italian rustic decor is wood-finished furniture. Whether they are antiques, modern pieces, or vintage ones, wood adds a rustic feel to any space. In a modern home, distressed finishes are the ideal choice for bringing a country-chic style to contemporary settings. The distressed look lends a worn appearance to any setting, from farmhouse to contemporary, and it’s an excellent choice for any space.

Contrasting textures

Italian rustic decor is about balancing the contrasting textures of natural and manmade objects. Natural materials like terracotta and iron are combined with paints and other finishes that are less extravagant. The design also emphasizes the use of neutral colors and textures to bring a contemporary twist to the look. For a rustic look, try combining wood and iron with natural or neutral shades, such as beige or black.

Natural accents

The neutral tones and textures that are the hallmark of Italian rustic decor are the keys to creating this look. Rustic materials such as wood, leather, and iron provide a great base for this style. While accents of bright colors like gold and silver may be used sparingly, this look is primarily about texture and natural hues. Unlike traditional rustic styles, this look incorporates a modern twist by incorporating pieces that are contemporary in design, but still look classic in tone.

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