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What is Coastal Home Decor?

If you’re not sure what Coastal home decor is, read on! You’ll discover Coastal color palettes, furniture, fabrics, and accessories! Read on for some tips and tricks! It’s easy to turn your home into a coastal haven! Here are some of our favorite touches to make your coastal decor look fresh and inviting! And don’t forget about the beachy accents! You can use them as accents in many other areas of your home, too!

Coastal style

Coastal home decor tends to focus on natural elements like sand and seashells. You can add these to your decor by using real pieces or decorative items that resemble natural elements. For example, you can create a DIY glass vase using the finest seashells and sand. Adding natural elements to your decor will help make it feel more coastal. You can also include natural elements in your furnishings, such as driftwood or sisal.

Coastal color palette

A coastal home decor color palette includes sand-toned neutrals, nautical blues, and soft yellows. This color palette pairs well with materials made of natural fibers and light, neutral-toned woods. You can create a relaxing summer getaway atmosphere by incorporating colors into your home’s decor. If you’re not sure what to use, here are some colors to consider. Coastal home decor colors are also great for a modern nautical style.

Coastal Furniture

Coastal furniture for your home is made with natural materials, including wicker, weathered wood, and fabrics. Use a mixture of these materials in your decor, and emphasize comfort. Choose pieces such as bistro sets, rattan chairs, and plush white sofas. Make sure to consider negative space in your design, too. Open floor plans and wide doorways are perfect for a coastal style. These pieces have a relaxed feel, but can still be elegant and sophisticated.

Coastal fabrics

Coastal colors are a popular trend for home decor, and choosing fabrics in sea-glass-inspired pastels or traditional nautical hues can make your home feel fresh and spring-ready. Navy is a popular coastal color for upholstery and cushions, as it lends a sophisticated feel. Bright teal fabrics are bright and cheery, perfect for the transition to warmer months. While navy is a classic coastal color, there are a variety of other colors you can use to make your home feel like a vacation spot.

Tickled stripe

If you love the classic, workhorse look of ticking stripe, then ticking stripe is the fabric for you. Known for its versatility and durability, ticking stripe is a favorite among designers, manufacturers, and home decorators. In fact, ticking stripe has become such a popular fabric that mattress manufacturers have switched to damask. The design is a must-have in any coastal home!

Beachy layouts

If you are looking for a new look for your home, you may want to try a beachy home decor layout. This style calls for a relaxed and open floor plan, where everything flows seamlessly together. When selecting accent pieces, it is helpful to eliminate borders and clutter to create a seamless, cohesive look. Even the most overlooked space can feel exceptional once the right accessories are added. Here are a few tips to consider when planning a beachy home decor layout:

Natural materials

The look and feel of a coastal home can be achieved with natural materials. The use of wicker, rattan, twine, wood, and cotton are popular choices for coastal home decor. Avoid the use of synthetics, faux leather, and velvet. Instead, opt for seagrass and other natural materials. They will not only complement the white paint but will also add texture and comfort to your coastal home.

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