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What Is Coastal Decor?

If you’re considering changing the look of your home, coastal decor may be the right choice for you. This sub-style of American coastal style emphasizes the use of natural elements. Real seashells, sand, and seashell ornaments are popular, but there are also faux elements you can use as well. DIY projects like creating a glass vase from the finest seashells and sand are also popular. Read on for more ideas for coastal decor.

Coastal decor is inspired by the ocean

Coastal decor is an eclectic style that combines nautical accents and traditional fabrics. The palette of this style is mostly blues, whites, and neutrals, with splashes of colour coming from natural pieces and botanical prints. Small accessories are a great way to create a coastal look, from mirrored trays to sparkling vases and light reflecting wall accents. Coastal decor is not just for coastal homes, however.

It’s relaxed and casual

Coastal decor takes its cues from sea, sky, and sand. The color palette consists of a seaside-inspired mix of neutrals, whites, muted greens, watery sea blues, aquas, and steel grays. Incorporate accents of natural textures like abrasive stones, twigs, and seashells. If you want to add more depth and texture to your coastal decor, add more plants and furnishings made of natural materials.

It’s a sub-style of American coastal style

The American coastal style is a popular design style in the U.S. Its focus is on comfort and relaxation. Although there are many sub-styles of coastal decorating, they all share similar elements. Natural light, white, blue hues, and comfy furniture and furnishings are common. Coastal style decor can be sophisticated or simple, depending on how much attention to detail you want to put into it.

It’s made up of a variety of sub-styles

Coastal decor is a style that is both casual and comfortable. Coastal style tends to emphasize natural elements, such as seashells and sand. You can incorporate real pieces of beach furniture into your decor or purchase decorative items that mimic these elements. You can even make a DIY glass vase by filling it with seashells and sand. Another way to add coastal flair to your decor is by using light-reflecting wall accents.

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