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What is Cabin Decor?

If you’re wondering what to put on your Log cabin, consider playing with different textures and mixing patterns. Cabin decor should feel worn and lived in, so play around with patterns and textures to create the perfect look. One of the easiest ways to mix up your home is with throw pillows. Use patterned pillows layered over solid textured pillows. Layering throw blankets with different textures will also add some interest and texture to the home.

Log cabin style

Incorporating logs into a room’s interior design is an easy way to achieve a cabin feel. While logs are traditionally considered rustic, wood is a more modern choice for cabins, allowing you to choose the color scheme and style that matches your own personal taste. Wood is also an excellent choice for flooring and walls, as they are durable. While wood-finished walls and ceilings lend a classic look to a room, they can also make a modern cabin feel much more comfortable.

Themes can be as varied as your own sense of adventure. Many people build log cabins for specific activities, such as hunting, skiing, and camping. You can choose a theme based on your interests, and choose decor that reflects those activities. Themes might include nature, wildlife, lakes, western ranches, and lodges. Using a variety of themes in a log cabin can create an exciting, eclectic look.


When choosing the color scheme for your cabin, make sure to consider the area’s aesthetic. Most cabins are nestled in a wooded area or on the shore of a tranquil lake, so you need to choose colors that complement the surrounding landscape. Natural elements such as the sky, trees, and plants will all have a positive impact on the overall mood of the cabin. You’ll want to match your paint colors to these surroundings and consider natural lighting fixtures as well.

Most cabins feature a rich brown color. Wooden walls may be whitewashed, and sleek black cabinets will contrast with natural wood. Scandinavian cabins feature a cool color palette, inspired by the arctic landscape. While more rustic cabins feature a variety of primary colors in varying amounts, natural light is always a great source of inspiration. Depending on the location, you can choose from a variety of colors and create a beautiful cabin that represents your personality.


To add authenticity to a cabin theme, use accessories inspired by the old-fashioned way of life. Founders used hand-hewn wood furniture, twig baskets, and rustic headboards to decorate their homes. They also displayed rustic landscape scenes and cast iron or stoneware cookware. To create a cozy nook, layer patterns, and warm colors. Adding a vibrant quilt over a comfortable sofa or an oversized sofa with wrought iron lamps will complete the look.

Another option for adding accessories is to purchase wall art. An original feather print on a leather or metal frame can bring the room’s warm tones together. Wildlife Furniture Throws are another great option for cabin decor. They can be draped over balcony railings, tossed on a bentwood rocking chair, or used as a child’s bed cover. A few of these accents can go a long way toward completing a cabin.

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