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What Is Better For Holsters Cow Hide Or Horse Hide?

There are several different types of leather used for holsters, but two of the most common are cowhide and horsehide. Cowhide is veg-tanned and is typically more rigid than horsehide. Its tight grain prevents water from penetrating it. This property makes horsehide popular for holsters in humid areas. Whether you’re looking for a concealed carry holster or a leather gun case, there are a few things to consider.

Horse leather

The main difference between horse leather and cowhide holsters is the thickness. Full-grain leather is thicker than top-grain leather, but also more expensive. Full-grain leather contains the whole hide, which makes it durable and hard. This makes it an excellent material for holsters. Top-grain leather is the second highest grade and is less expensive. Top-grain leather is thinner and softer than full-grain leather, but still extremely durable and great for making holsters.

Vegetable tanned

The difference between cowhide and vegetable-tanned horsehide is primarily in the densities. Vegetable-tanned horsehide is much denser, providing the same strength with less bulk and thickness. It also prevents moisture infiltration, a key characteristic of holsters. The density of vegetable-tanned horsehide is also important in shoulder holsters, where the material is constantly exposed to moisture.


You can choose between a cowhide holster or a holster made of hard-rolled horsehide. Cowhide holsters are less likely to be damaged by water than horsehide holsters, which are much more resistant to water. Horsehide holsters tend to be stiffer and last longer, although cowhide holsters are also available.


Among the benefits of aniline cow hide or horse hide for a holster is its soft, durable texture. In fact, it is superior to other types of leather because cowhide is a high-quality material, but if you’re concerned about the environmental impact of using cowhide, you can go for vegetable-tanned horsehide instead. If you’re still not sure whether cowhide or horsehide is better, read on to learn more about both materials.

Full grain

Whether you plan on making a holster for yourself or as a gift for someone you love, you’re probably wondering which type of hiding is best. While cowhide is more common and less expensive, horsehide is harder to work with and has a tighter grain structure. Horsehide is also easier to carve than cowhide and is often used inside waistband holsters.


The price of cowhide or horsehide holsters can vary widely. Some companies use leather from cows, while others use horsehide. It is important to know what you are paying for before you make the purchase. There are also several different factors to consider when buying a holster, including the quality of the hide. If you are looking for a holster that is both comfortable and durable, horsehide is the way to go.

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