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What Is Beach Contemporary Decor?

What is Beach’s contemporary decor? The style evokes the calming effect of the ocean. The main color palette is white or lighter tones reminiscent of sand. Accent colors may include coral, aqua, and seafoam. Sand and glass may also be used to add depth and texture to the room. Here are some examples of beach contemporary decor. You’ll see the difference between it and other coastal style options.

Modern coastal design

If you want to create a coastal-themed home, start by thinking about the colors and materials. Incorporating coastal elements can be tricky because they often appear kitsch. However, you can add them in a modern way by incorporating them into your furniture and decor. Try adding a sleek unfinished wood console table, which will evoke a feeling of driftwood. A rope pendant light will also add a nautical feel to your space while also remaining modern and stylish.


Using seashells to accent your beach contemporary decor is an inexpensive way to add nautical style to your home. These shells are finished with metallic silver electroplating over ceramic to give them a high-shine metal look. Choose from three different sizes and styles to achieve a variety of display options. For a more permanent display, consider hanging them from a ceiling. Alternatively, you can hang them from a low table.

Slipcovered sofas

In coastal decor, slip-covered sofas and chairs can add a laid-back coastal feel. Slipcovers are soft, inviting, and highly comfortable. You can buy one in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to match your beach contemporary decor. You might want to consider a sofa made of down, a polyester blend, or a woven polyester fabric. The choice depends on your budget and lifestyle.

Whitewashed wall paneling

Incorporating whitewashed wall paneling in beach contemporary décor is a great way to create a relaxed and calm feel in any room. Although whitewashed brick walls have been popular in beach-style homes for many years, you can use the same technique to create whitewashed wooden walls as well. Listed below are some tips and tricks for creating a beach contemporary look in your home.

Wood furniture

Coastal decor often features wood furniture. Wooden furniture is both warm and sturdy and works well in a beach house. Choose minimalist shapes and paint colors to match the rest of the decor. Wooden pieces are also more attractive because of their natural beauty. Choose light woods or pieces in a pale color to create a sunny atmosphere. Avoid dark woods as they take away from the coastal feeling. You can still use darker woods in some parts of the room, but be sure to stay away from those.

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