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What Is Aztec Interior Design?

If you’re wondering what is Aztec interior design, look no further than the rugs. This style incorporates a variety of rare Mexican plants to create a tropical, yet modern look. Aztec interior design incorporates modern accents, including contemporary art, rugs, mirrors, and other modern pieces. Read on to learn more about this style. We also highlight some of the most popular Aztec rugs.

Aztec rugs

Whether you’re designing a living room or an entire home, incorporating Aztec rugs into your interior design scheme is an excellent way to add some bohemian style. Known for their powerful designs and timeless tribal patterns, these rugs are an excellent choice for your home decor. For a safe option, use neutral tones and consider a wall hanging that displays the whole print. They also go exceptionally well with homes with a Scandinavian style.

Modern accents

If you’re looking for an eclectic style for your home, try incorporating a few touches of Aztec decor in your room. The Aztec culture is exuberant and magical, and you’ll find that many of its famous pieces make fantastic decor. Try appliqued frogs on cushions, a blue and yellow tiled kitchen backsplash, or a fantasy hall mural of the nahual animals.


While Aztec rugs are versatile enough for early-stage designs, you may want to consider them later on for more finished spaces. In pre-furnished apartments and dorms, these rugs can add variety to a room while blending in with other furnishings. You can even use them to update drab furniture. A wall hanging can display a rug’s entire print, allowing you to showcase it as a whole.


The Aztec Empire is renowned for its beautiful art, and one of the most popular pieces in its interior design is an Aztec mirror. This ancient object is a work of art and can be a great conversation piece in your home. In Aztec interior design, mirrors can transform the look of a room. The Smoking Mirror was a symbol of the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca. The mirror is used to illuminate the sacred space and replace one of the gods’ feet.


Adding colourful and interesting elements to your interiors can be as easy as purchasing Aztec interior design furniture. For example, carpets covered in linear patterns are a great way to add an Aztec style to your home. You can also purchase handmade furniture in wrought iron or wood for an earthy look. Alternatively, you can pay homage to the Aztec culture by purchasing decals, which bear symbols and figurative representations of the Aztec culture.

aztec rugs

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