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What is an Aztec Earplug?

If you’ve ever wondered what is an Aztec earplug, you have come to the right place. These ear plugs were worn by Aztecs to represent different symbols and social and military ranks. The symbol on each ear plug signified a different level of social and military rank and the person wearing them was considered to be of a certain social status. If you’ve been wondering, you’re not alone!


When you look at an Aztec design, you will notice that its patterns are reminiscent of the Maya calendar. This calendar depicts the yearly cycles of the sun, moon, and stars. In addition to these symbols, there are also symbols that relate to numbers. In the earliest Aztec civilization, these numbers were represented by glyphs and are still reflected in Aztec jewelry. For example, the glyph ‘ti-yo’ represents the number eight.

Another example is the earring of Temixhuitiani, a midwife of earth-bound waters. This midwife wears an ear adornment called Xiuhnacochtli, which means “Fire Earplug” in Nahuatl. In Nahuatl, the earplug is called “Nacochtli” and refers to a place near the ear.


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The ear adornment of the midwife Temixhuitiani is called Xiuhnacochtli, which means “Fire Earplug” in Nahuatl. This is a horizontal drum made of green stone bound with flesh. Xiuhnacochtli is considered a sacred object, and priests were most likely to wear earplugs. In the original language, this ear adornment was worn by priests.

Symbols of social and military rank

In Ancient Aztec society, men and women wore very little clothing, and men wore their tilma and tilmatli, which were triangular cloths that served as aprons. The top military society, the Shorn Ones, had the highest rank, and were the most fierce warriors. They wore yellow tlahuiztli and helmets decorated with eagle feathers. They also wore tilma, which was a type of cloak and apron.

Men in Aztec society wore jewelry that was often worn in combination with their tilma. Men wore tilma as a symbol of military rank and the merchants wore ichcahuipilli, which was a form of armor made of thick cotton. The pieces were adorned with shells, beads, and jewelry. Men in higher social and military rank wore more jewelry and extravagant clothing.

Symbols of aztec earplugs

The earplugs were popular among Aztec men, and they also had special meanings. Men wore them in their noses and on their lower lip, while women wore them in their ears. The symbols of earplugs can be found on the heads of a variety of Aztec deities. The Mayan and Aztec cultures revered their ears and believed that they were conduits for spiritual energy. These ancient peoples also used ear plugs to protect their ears, and the flesh tunnels that formed them are reminiscent of gauges that we use today.

Mayan deities often appeared in these earplugs, which represent wind and breath. A Mayan earplug shaped like a snake may also represent a deity. The Aztecs used the jade stone to represent both breath and wind. Some people also found the serpent to be a symbol of a god, such as Quetzalcoatl. This snake-like serpent possesses the power to hold breath.

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