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What is a Rustic Italian Style?

What is a rustic Italian style? If you have ever wondered how Italian interior design differs from American design, you have come to the right place. Rustic Italian style is a combination of natural textures that emphasizes a lived-in, homey look. You can create this look by displaying decorative items made of wood and metal, including statues, wooden candlesticks, and metal serving pieces. A rustic Italian style emphasizes the raw, unfinished look and is therefore ideal for homes that are in need of a homey, yet cozy feel.


A neutral color scheme is essential in rustic Italian-style decor. Avoid rich fabrics and wallpaper in favor of natural textiles. The Italian decorating philosophy favors clean lines and textures instead of bold colors. Using neutral colors on a large scale is ideal for balancing the layers and contrasts of the room. Neutral-colored walls and furniture are an excellent place to start. Adding rustic wine racks and a fireplace can also add a touch of Italian style to the room.

Earth tones

To add an earthy ambiance to your home, consider the use of orange or yellow earth tones. These colors are timeless and radiate an energetic aura. Those that are reminiscent of summer will find comfort in the warmth of the earth’s tone. Also, these tones are environmentally friendly. So, if you’d like to create a rustic Italian-style home, make use of these earthy tones.


Wooden furniture lends a classic appeal to rustic Italian-style decor. A wooden table or chair will feel inviting and cozy, and a distressed finish will add even more charm. Wooden pieces should be the focus of your kitchen. You can purchase beautiful modern wood furniture at stores that cater to rustic Italian decor. Vintage pieces are always a good choice as well. Listed below are tips to help you create an inviting, rustic Italian-style kitchen.


The fireplace is often the focal point of a room. Its presence can also serve as the base for a room’s layout. In the stunning chalets in Megeve, France, the rustic stone and wood fireplace can serve as the base for a room’s layout. In this home, seating areas are arranged around the fireplace for maximum warmth. A rustic fireplace also lends itself to modern design, as its platform extends to provide ample display space.

Exposed brick or stone

If you want to add a rustic feel to your home, exposed brick or stone can give it the rustic look you desire. These walls can be painted, or they can be left in their natural, rustic state. While some houses are naturally endowed with brick walls or stone fireplaces, others may not be so lucky. If that is the case, there are many ways to add a rustic look to your home while maintaining the original features.

Farmhouse feel

Rustic Italian style decor has a timeless, traditional look that is sure to please your guests. It is often comprised of neutral tones and is most effective when combined with wooden furnishings, rustic tile, and unfinished brick. It also focuses on simple, monochromatic layouts and uses a light color palette. Although Italian rustic decor is not typically as colorful as other European styles, it is very powerful and soothing. Most of the furniture is made of natural materials, such as wood or stone. Those with an Italian farmhouse style should consider placing a wine bottle or two on display.

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